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    Spinning Beach Ball after File;Save As

    Hmm...You got me...Maybe you should'nt run rapair permissions as frequently and don't do software update as often. Once per two weeks is sufficient enough. If it still is vvery slow, I would send it back and demand a new one.
  2. kensterator

    Podcasting:How to?

    I want to make my own podcast but don't know how. Can someone tell me?
  3. kensterator

    Macs have Souls

    I belive Adam said that it does have soul and it would bee wwise to agree with him as he knows 3,000,000,000,000,000,000 about macs
  4. kensterator

    Podcasting:How to?

    Well, those sites HAVE podcasts not podcast safe music.
  5. kensterator

    Web Designer Needed

    I think this topic should be ended because we can all see that the person who needed the service has only made two posts and he hasn't replied and has probably left this forum.
  6. kensterator

    Apple vs. Windows Theory

    In 2007, I hear that Microsoft is changing the name of their operating system to shutters. I have a similar theory about this new name ;-) So what is your theory on this new name. I would like to hear it. It must be funny. Well, here is a quick theory from me: Windows will now use shutters to prevent people from seeing the acual content by blocking with tons of spyware and adware to do lots of pop-ups and they will also block it out with 3000 error messages: "Microsoft Word has committed 3000 illegal operations" "Internet Explorer can not locate C://libflies/config" so on...
  7. kensterator

    Apple vs. Windows Theory

    You are right Macintosh is a type of Apple so Apple is able to put subcategroies off its name while Windows can't.
  8. kensterator

    Podcasting:How to?

    I couldn't really find the music section on these sites, are you sure that they have "pod safe music?"
  9. kensterator

    Apple vs. Windows Theory

    Is there anything else that should be added to the theory?
  10. kensterator

    Apple vs. Windows Theory

    So, rain coat, so a protection from viruses, is that right?
  11. kensterator

    Keeping your Mac secure

    Bad guys are tempted to hack the password, but =not any old password, the password that will give them the most control over a cvomputer, the Admin password, or the password for ROOT. They don't care 1 tiny bit about normal user accounts, so they might be able to destropy your admin account, but if you work your daily stuff in a user accout, they won't know about it and after the destry yout madin acocunt, the contents in the User account will still be there because the bad guy has not touched. Of course this can't be gurenteed, some bad guys go everywhere on the ocmputer and destroy everything, buty by using a user account, the chanecs that your work along witht the admin account being destroyed is less than you doing all your work on your admin account. You can use the admin account simply to install/modify Finder and other admin only things. Just do your daily work on the User account.
  12. kensterator

    How often do you use iWorks?

    Okay, so Keynote is for presentations and Pages is for what?
  13. kensterator

    Need some newbie backup advice ...

    carbon Copy Cloner? Where did you get that? I want it. How does it work?
  14. kensterator

    Why macs own pcs

    Yes, of course, Matt, that makes logical sense. My Windows resart post is inaccurate (well, I do hate windows)
  15. kensterator

    Macs have Souls

    I must admit that Apple accually can give you emotions and it has life within itself. WIndows is very robotic and its like step 1 step 2 step 3... It really doesn't have any feeling contained. It's good to get you through your work day and thats pretty much it. Most of the helpful apps have to be purchased. With Apple, the "Soul" apps are already included, and I can say that Apple enables you to do almost andything and carry out your freetime here. Lots of projects can be done on APple and as i said, windows gets you through your work day,
  16. kensterator

    How often do you use iWorks?

    I don't understand, what do you mean?
  17. kensterator

    Powerbook G4 12"

    So, you want 1400 for it or is that how much you got it for
  18. kensterator

    How often do you use iWorks?

    What do you use iWork for. I don't even know how to use it in fact. It is just sitting there on my computer.
  19. I want to set up bandwidth limits on my webserver to create the 509 errors. How do I do that from a scratch file.
  20. kensterator


    You know that program called iTools? I don't really undersatnd what features it has. And it also costs like 350$ I know that it has a web control panel, but does it have anything else. And what are its exact features
  21. kensterator


    I would like a cheap Powerbook in good condition
  22. kensterator

    Firefox CSS Glitch?

    Internet explorer is acculally good for asking everytime a cookie appears whikle Afari doesn't Firefox can. So firefox still wins. (Safari, yuor upgradesaare falling behind)
  23. kensterator

    Why macs own pcs

    Not only do you ave to restart Wndows everytime a program is installed but every comulative retart you make takes even longer. My first resatrt was 2 minutes. Mey second was probably 2 minutes 0.01 seonds. The point is the more restarts you do, the longer each one takes
  24. kensterator

    Why should you switch? :P

    You are supposed to make up your 10 reasons
  25. kensterator


    One more suggestion... Do you have any new contests, those have been up for a long time