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    How much are you willing to sell it for. Can you send me some pictures of it so I can see what kind of condition it is in? Send them to kensterator ({[at)}]gmail ((DOT)) com
  2. kensterator

    Podcasting:How to?

    Thanks professor. Also, where can I get some bg music for my podcast. What places have bg music that is meant to be the bg in a podcast
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    You know how in your podcast you say visit forum.maccast.com? I think to make this easier and get rid of the redirect is to delete your forum folder on your server and rename the phpbb folder to forum so redirects won't be necessary.
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    That bandiwdth offsetting idea sounds good to me!
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    Podcasting:How to?

    Does anyone have suggestions on what I should put in my podcast?
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    MY okay dock:
  7. kensterator

    "Open With" gives me duplicates

    There is nothing wrong with that. You probably just have multiple applications at different locations and Mac OS X doesn't care, it just picks up every application that is compatible with the file
  8. kensterator

    Linksys Wireless Access Point

    It depends on which one is better (I don't really know)
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    MS Spring Cleaning Sweepstakes

    nvm, I do that for the iTunes promotion of 1 billion songs
  10. kensterator

    MS Spring Cleaning Sweepstakes

    I woould enter 25 times/day if I were you becuase I am doing that
  11. Old verisons of Safari do have some formatting probelms. One time I had to scroll at least 8 pages down to get the acual content while the top was all ads, when I used a different browser, there was just on ad on the bottom and top
  12. kensterator

    MacBook pro 17" Coming very soon

    Will it have faster speed or more programs?
  13. kensterator

    Is it Web Site or Website?

    I would go with website then since its from Apple...Microsoft stinks
  14. kensterator

    Is it Web Site or Website?

    realize is spelled with a Z
  15. kensterator

    26,000th Post! WOOT!

    I hope you are looking for a new job because you can't rely on Maccast
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    dropped my ipod and it has turned off

    I would DEMAND a free repair or a refund because this shoulddn't break at 1 meter (metre)
  17. kensterator

    Why Apple Sucks...

    Did you know that people who think Apple sucks have IQs below 110?
  18. kensterator

    Podcasting:How to?

    never mind, I found out how to. Anyways m4a is more compressed than mp3
  19. kensterator

    Web Designer Needed

    What do you mean by oh really?
  20. kensterator


    That would get very expensive very quickly and I doubt many would want to use it anyway. Is there a reason you would want an @maccast.com e-mail address? I would want a maccast.com email address because I love it when I have several email addresses. How about Adam makes a post questioning who wants a @maccast.com email and those who respond yes get one. Those epople are obvioously active and accually want one and to restrict it even more, the email account sholout be deleted if the person nieither sends nor recieves any email in 15 days.
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    Can we, active users, have a uesrname@maccast.com mail account ONLY with active users that posts regularly?
  22. kensterator

    "Your" MacCast or "The" MacCast

    So, your making a t-shirt? I WANT ONE!!!
  23. oH GOSH!! I can't express how much I hate Bush. Our country is in a deficeit, yet he is still cuttin' taxes.
  24. kensterator

    Anti-Windows Button

    Uh... Hello...Can someone respond, I have been waiting a long time to get the button? Can someone tell me where to send the $ to. Can I send a coin?
  25. kensterator

    why mac sucks video, I HATE THIS GUY

    That guy in the video obviously doesn't know anything!!!!