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    Change the Cursor?

    I think there should be a hidden file for it. JUst like when you go to system preferneces and you go to energy saver, it should have hte light blub picture right, well it doesn't just get there on its own, its a hidden file and I found it and I could swap pictures, so in case system preferences are getting boring you can always change that light bulb into donald duck. I therefore think that the mouse is a hidden file too and you can also replace that with a picture.. Might be under core services, IDK though. (trash can pic is also hidden file)
  2. kensterator

    maccast chatroom

    Oh, well, they used to include it then: for free too.
  3. kensterator

    iTunes and Costs

    I think it is about time to lower prices in iTunes. They already have attracted a lot of people, and lowering will attract more and make others happier! What do you think?
  4. kensterator

    maccast chatroom

    Adam, I think you can set up a Java chatroom with this board. It should be under IPB plugins in the admin section
  5. kensterator

    David Spade

    So, it's once per week?
  6. kensterator

    David Spade

    Where can you get movie clips of David Spade?
  7. kensterator

    Change the Cursor?

    There are too many free ways to change a cursor. (Notice all those free cursor ads?) This is post 500
  8. kensterator

    Strange iMac G5 Sleep Behavior

    Yeah, this problem just appeared on my iMac G55 recently. It does the tornado niose sometimes when you put it to sleep
  9. kensterator

    David Spade

    Does anyone know when David Spade's show is aired?
  10. kensterator


    I don't like spotlight too much. It doesn't give you the files you want right away. I think quicksilver is better.
  11. kensterator

    Maccast forum theme

    About the Topic icons: right now, they are squres that say "IPB" maybe replace with the MacCast Mascot
  12. kensterator

    If you're using tabs in Safari read this

    Accully theres quite a few tricks to the tab. Like you said, command+click=new tab. BUT, command+shift+click will open new tab, but hide the tab. There is so many combinations. Try'em all out
  13. kensterator

    Why should I NOT get a iMac?

    I complain about Macs becuase they have bd hardware. Keys fall off all the time. I never see keyboards deterioating on Windoze. And Windows supports more software than Macs. That's how great Windows can be
  14. kensterator

    After September 17th, new iPod Nano

    Apple always wants to attract college stundets all the time. That's why they even have volume discount for schools. That's why mostt schools get them. Windows are very costly for schools to maintiain
  15. It conducts electricity, so yeah, I guess it does attract lightning after all it has so metal things iside
  16. I do. Isn't it cool? there are no buttons to press hard on. You just need to lightly tap it.
  17. kensterator

    Startup Movie

    I know someone already said this, but I searched and couldn't find it. But, where is the startup movie that says hello in all types of languages, the movie that you see when you startup your computer for the first time.
  18. kensterator

    Worst spammed forum I've ever seen!

    I think it is a dead forum. You know how abandoned houses usually have ivy growing on them as well as weeds. Wel, you see the same situation here.
  19. kensterator

    Speeding up Safari

    Can you do this type of thing to FireFox?
  20. kensterator

    Ultra portable Mac?

    Something like a Mac Nano will do. It looks just like the first iPod with the mouse pad on it. My friend sent me a picture of it and it looked real too, except he hacked the picture. So, I think it is doable.
  21. kensterator

    Scrolling ALL ways

    Yeah, the iMac G5 comes with a mouse and it has a wheel instead of a scroll wheel, you could say it is the mini verision of the mouse ball and you just push your finger on the ball at the top of the mouse in whatever direction you want the window to scrooll.
  22. kensterator

    MacBook or iMac?

    Well, iMac is cool because you can play games on it and it is easier to work with, but the thing is you can't really bring it around with you. It also has a nice graphics card. If you use a MacBook, it may be harder to play games and do what you want to do. May I am wrong because that is my opinion.
  23. kensterator

    apple ads

    Accually, now, I like the touché, since they just came out.
  24. kensterator

    Spam Mail

    I used to have 25 spam emails a day!!! And now I am getting 0 spams 5/7 days, and maybe a few spurts here and there. I am just womndering what your spam email trends look like.