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    IPOD Volume

    I think a good safe level for listening to things is 60 dB to 70 dB you have to set your limits if you want to listen to volume above that.
  2. kensterator

    White pages widget

    You know the translation WIdget, sometimes it says the dreaded "Data unavailble" Why is that?
  3. kensterator

    Keeping your Mac secure

    You keep your Admin account and secure it with a nice long password, then you make a user account. You use your user account to do most of your day to day work and when you need to work on system configurations or make a mass installing of programs and stuff, that would be the time to use the admin account. Keeping all the files stored inyour user account will prevent "bad guys" from accessing all the files if they do gain access to the admin account. Remeber when bad guys wawnt to hack in, they always try to find the admin account password first. They don't care about regular user accounts.
  4. kensterator

    Email responses

    It's not Admam's fault that he can't fix every problem. He wouldn't ahve enough time to do that so he relies on the listeners to fix it. He brings up the issues on his podcast so other listeners help others fix problems. If Adam had to fix every problem, he'd be staying 'till 3 AM everyday
  5. kensterator

    Podcasting:How to?

    I don't see convert to MP3 I only see Convert to AO3 so that its extension becomes M4a
  6. kensterator


    Sorry, Matt, I don't know that much about computer costs. Please don't bame me and akournic loves to make fun of my posts. Anyways, maybe $100?
  7. kensterator

    Advertising Spaces

    In case anyone wants to advertise on my site, email kensterator (AT)gmail (DOT) com I can offer very low price
  8. kensterator

    Podcasting:How to?

    Thanks for the advice...BUT how do you convert it?
  9. kensterator

    Podcasting:How to?

    YAY!!! My Podcast is now on iTunes. Search Kenny's Podcast. Give me some suggestions on what else to put. WOW!!! I went all the way from "What is a podcast?" to "How do you podcast?" to "I have a podcast."
  10. kensterator

    Podcasting:How to?

    Thank you all for helping me get started. I have submitted it to the iTunes store, still pending. But you can still subscribe to it http://feeds.kennyang.com/podcasts.rss just go to the "Advanced" menu in iTunes, then click subscribe and type that link in. I did the Mac v Windows with akournic.
  11. kensterator

    Web Design & Multimedia Development

    Your site pretty much covers every detail, but, can I find out the price? It doesn't say.
  12. kensterator


    How about $70? Tell me how much you got your Powerbook for and the "willing to pay" amonut might be higher and send me a picture and a recipt if you have a recipt of how much you got the Powerbook for. so I know its condition send pics to kensterator@gmail.com
  13. kensterator

    Podcasting:How to?

    Whats the link to that site?
  14. kensterator

    Windows error messages

    Wow!!! How dumb can windows GET??!?!?!??!? How are you supposed to press F1 w/o keyboard
  15. kensterator

    It's time for a Maccast Widget

    How do you even make a widget? Is it hard?
  16. kensterator

    Top 10 reasons NOT to switch

    to person who said not to switch hey how you doing im sure this is the forum that is the best for you You are making the most correct posts :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: I HATE WINDOWS!!1 THEY ARE SOOO CCHHHEAP!
  17. kensterator

    Kensterator Webdesign

    kennyang.com is ready for viewing it's an example...
  18. kensterator

    Kensterator Webdesign

    I am offering kensterator web deesign. Go to http://kennyang.com/webdesign A I made sure that my services are very cheap, but the prices may have to be raiesed a little later.I have the best web programs: Dreamweaver 8 Flash 8 Fireworks 8 BBEdit TextMate My site is not an example of what your site will look like. I do not spend much time on my own site. Your site will look like http://kennyang.com/fruits except better. All you need to do is send me a rough sketch of what you want your site to look like by scanning a lencil sketch and send me it through email. I iwill translate it into XHTML. Another option is for me to completly build your site from scatch based on your content.
  19. kensterator

    Podcasting:How to?

    Where should I upload stuff to? Can someone provide me with step-by-step instructions? How do I build a RSS feed?
  20. kensterator

    Podcasting:How to?

    After I click the button it asks for a RSS feed, how do I start a RSS feed. Where should I upload it to n my server
  21. kensterator

    Web Designer Needed

    According to my log, it looks like one of you atttempted to go to http://kennyang.com/fruits/fruits and you got a 404 and im sorry, its accually http://kennyang.com/fruits/index.html
  22. kensterator

    Podcasting:How to?

    So, once I get a free podcast hoster how do I submit to iTunes
  23. kensterator

    Podcasting:How to?

    I use Mac OS 10.4.3/2.1 GHz IMac G5 Memory 512 I want to be able to PodCast so it sows up on the iTunes stores, yes I have an FTP client
  24. kensterator


    I think its about time to delete some members. For example, the second person on the member list has signed up on Apr 2005 and has not made a single post. It makes it harder to look up people oon the member list
  25. I think we all understand. Now, this topic should be locked up.