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    Anyone else play with Google Spreadsheets yet? ...

    AHHH...GOOGLES TAKING OVER EVERYTHING!!!! As said before, will have own radio, TV, and newspaper and other media. Next thing, their own department store and pharmacy!!!!
  2. kensterator

    What is a reasonable temperature range ...

    What's the widget thta keeps trek of your temperature?
  3. kensterator

    Completely useless tricks!

    And that trick is NOT a useless trick...its useful
  4. kensterator


    I had always thought that you looked like the avatar!
  5. kensterator

    Free Single of The Week

    Even if you don't like it, you should donwload the freebies every weeek. Why? CAUSE ITS FREE!!! Byt the way, in case you didn't know, there are 2 freebies every week: the single of the week and another random one.
  6. kensterator

    apple ads

    definetly the VIRUI one as it is just funnier than the others.
  7. kensterator

    Recording on 5G iPods

    Accually, now I look at it, I think it i strue, there is a Zero fraud tolerance seal at the bottom of the page.
  8. kensterator

    Recording on 5G iPods

    If someone seriously wants a free Mac Book Pro, they would cut out the referal ID. They would instead visit http://freemacbookpro.com/index.php, and stop trying to get referals.
  9. kensterator

    Video chat

    And of course, you need an iSight first...
  10. kensterator

    Cult of Mac

    Yeah, what's with this. It has the same design as the main apple website. THey could get sued. Maybe I should report it to Steve Jobs so he can see it.
  11. kensterator

    file vault

    !?!??!!??!??!?!?!?! 4068 GB?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? A content file must be corrupted!!!
  12. kensterator

    Bought a new MacBook: it moos!

    YEah, what's with all this heating up. Did Apple produce it correcty? It hink they got to admit they made amistake and give everyoine a replcecement that does not overheat. Way too many people are saying that their comps are overheating nad/or melting.
  13. kensterator

    find ip address of web page

    Of course, you could always use a whois http://easywhois.com or http://whois.com
  14. kensterator

    My Ebay account got hacked, am I okay?

    What is SpoofStick?
  15. kensterator

    How to delete a shortcut in Windows Vista

    uh...Since when did Windows Vista come out? And Yeah, See, Windows is sooo cheaap. Next time you try to fix permissions, it'll say, "You do not have permission to fix the permissions". With Macs, it takes only 2 steps.
  16. kensterator

    Spam Mail

    Well, did you get more spam before. Becuase I dont think I signed up for single spam i received, maybe I signed up for a few. But what I do, since, the amount is going down, but is going up again, (had 1/week 5 weeks ago, now about 7/week) I am looking through the sopam email, then I press the unsubscibe button and make sure that my name is taken out of the database.
  17. kensterator

    Which version of Mac OS???

    When did Puma come out, anyways, I am running several versisions of OS X.
  18. kensterator

    iTunes won't quit trying to burn a damaged CD

    Do you mean damaged as in physically or damaged as in corrupt CD
  19. kensterator

    Xcode Questions

    What do you think is better: SubEthaEdit or XCode?s
  20. kensterator

    FrontRow Remote in Powerpoint

    I dont think so.
  21. kensterator


    I think in a post a few months ago, there was a program called WhatSize which let you look at what's taking the most disk space on your computer and see if you really need it. Another way is, as mentioned on the podcast, go to activity monitor and see which hidden processees you dont need.
  22. kensterator

    Chain reaction

    Check out this cool chain reaction movie! http://zerotrilogy.gotdns.com/misc/cog.mov
  23. kensterator

    Font Book

    I accidently deleted a font that I did want. How do I get i back? If I can't how do you download a new one?
  24. kensterator

    What is "Safe Sleep"?

    Is SafeSleep something like DeepFreeze?
  25. kensterator

    Font Book

    I accually deleted lots of fonts. I think it would be nice to start with a new font book, how do you get a new one?