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  1. kensterator

    Tiger v.s. Leopard

    Maybe they will do Lions for 11.X.X
  2. kensterator

    Tiger v.s. Leopard

    When do y'all expect 11.X.X to come out?
  3. kensterator

    Intel Powermac Name

    Just simply callit MacTower
  4. kensterator

    Apple Stickers

    someone turned their Windows into a Mac, you can't see the Windows within it ecept for the physical features. To top it off, the person put the apple sticker right on top of the "Gateway" symbol
  5. Haha...so it's a voice problem..lol
  6. kensterator

    No Apple Store Nearby? Here's My Suggestion:

    That is accually true, but who reports them?
  7. kensterator

    How often do you visit the MacCast.com homepage?

    I go 2-3 times a week. And coincidently everytime I go, it happens to be a day where a new podcast has been released.
  8. kensterator

    No Apple Store Nearby? Here's My Suggestion:

    You see, if you order from the internet and the store HQ ain't located en yo state, then you don't have to pay no sales tax. Does that enable you to understand more?
  9. kensterator

    Application Launcher

    You keep on saying that your friends keep on being mean to you. Which begs the question, WHY THE HELL ARE THEY STILL YOUR FRIENDS! They are still my friends because they still tell me lots of things.
  10. kensterator

    Booting unwanted poachers

    You bet you can boot them off! Access your router and/or wireless router's control panel. Then, while the poachers are connected, look at their comp. ID and boot it off. I am sure that they have the capibility of doing this as I am able to boot off computers within my own house.
  11. kensterator

    Calling All Forum Regulars 2: Avatars

    Can we please end this useless topic?
  12. kensterator

    How hot is the new MacBook vs MBP?

    Oh, well, I can talk about its "coolness" anyways.
  13. kensterator

    Hour and a half until Apple store NYC opens

    So the transparent cube is the store?
  14. kensterator

    No Apple Store Nearby? Here's My Suggestion:

    Advantage of not having Apple Store in your state: NO SALES TAX!!!!!!!!!!
  15. kensterator

    I got a job at Apple!!!

    Is the pay good?
  16. kensterator

    How hot is the new MacBook vs MBP?

    No way! MBPs are much cooler than MBs. Hence the extra ending "Pro" meaning professional showing how much more professional MBPs are vs. MBs. MBPs are also packed with more Hz punch allowing the computer to go faster.
  17. kensterator


    Are glossy screens more vulnerable to fingerprints?
  18. kensterator

    The OSX opening song

    You have to have at least 10.4.X
  19. kensterator

    Todays apple annoucement?

    Here's the news guys, I was just writing this for my currunt event. I write one everyday and I ran through the Apple Sotre announcement. Here is what I write: Exciting news for Apple fans: Apple opens its newest store today in New York Eager people even began forming a line on Thrusday. CEO Steve Jobs says, "The stores have been super successful and a real contributor to Apple's success." Analysit predict this store to be an attractive one. Other stores already bring an average of 10,000 visitors a week. Apple also takes in more revenue per square foot than other stores at $2,489, which is 8 times of Target and 11.5 times of Best Buy. Right now, more than 50% of computers sold are people buying their first Mac showing the significance of Windows switchers.
  20. kensterator


    What's the difference between a MacBook and a MacBook Pro?
  21. kensterator

    testing IE on a Mac

    At a post one month ago, I put uploaded internet explorer for downloads here: http://kennyang.com/explorer.zip which is cool because you cant download it no more
  22. kensterator

    Calling All Forum Regulars 2: Avatars

    You know, 5 kb is a rediculously small size. A regular forum allows 80 kb
  23. Can people who vote no explain why? Because there is always a stop button.
  24. kensterator

    Apple Body Art

    As soon as I saw the subject, I knew it ws going to be a tatoo. By putting that tatoo on, it shows lots of commitment toward Apple computers.
  25. kensterator

    Suggestion for Skype headset/microphone

    It depends on the quality sound you want. Just regular convo, use an everyday mic/headset, otherwise, you can get real professional expensive ones at the Skype shop