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    OS 9 desktop

    You OS 9? I loved OS 9 a lot. When I first got OS X, I didn't like it and I didn't touch it for 1 year. Then I had to use OS X
  2. kensterator

    Boot Camp was neat....but...

    It looks like only a few people have Intel Macs
  3. kensterator

    i was wrong mac oxs is crap and we should all switch.

    I saw Pieman drink 70 servings of Pineapple passsion, so just leave him alone temporarily before he drives you in his car. Don't worry, he has paid over $5000 in fines.
  4. kensterator


    Skype has announced that all call outs to landlines and mobile phones within the US ARE FREE for the rest of this year. That's right, FREE!!!
  5. kensterator

    Server slowing down

    Your server is slowing down. It gets slower by the day. Can yiu fix it?
  6. kensterator

    Podcast Logo Question

    What is your podcast about?
  7. kensterator

    Menu Bars

    Can you explain what each icon is? Thanks.
  8. kensterator

    Calling All Forum Regulars 2: Avatars

    His max bandwidth limit isn't an indicator of how large images should be here on the forums. This is mostly in consideration of those on dialup, and for ease of getting information from topics without things flashing left and right. yes, true, but the dialup users can always block images from loading, or they could block files greater than X KB or block extensions *.swf from loading/
  9. Of course we would like to hear the promos. There can always be something that you want. And if you simply hate the promos, then don't listen to it. It's that easy if you don't like'em
  10. It is good, because if you dont want to listen to the music, then simply don't listen, I mean, what's the big deal. Just close the Window or something if you don't want to listen. Those who wish to listen to the music just keep the thing playin'
  11. kensterator

    'dead' pixels

    Dump liquid crystal into the dead pixels!!!
  12. kensterator


    I know everythign about time and timezones!!!
  13. kensterator

    Calling All Forum Regulars 2: Avatars

    I think animation should be allowed. Adam, what is your Max Disk space and bandwidth limit?
  14. kensterator

    17 MBP - First thoughts

    As always, 2 more inches or room means 2 more inches easier to bump the computer into something
  15. kensterator

    Word Processor

    AppleWorks is free.
  16. kensterator


    Nintendo is definetly Video game's Apple
  17. kensterator


    I have 10.3.9
  18. kensterator


    WOAH!!! My system Preferences is corrupt! Take a look! by clickinng http://kennyang.com/corrupt.tiff (I couldn't get it to show on the forum)
  19. kensterator

    Thought this might be a good direction for the forums.

    It's too bad that it is hard to switch. Had it been easier, we would have swwitched long time ago.
  20. kensterator


    Where else did I post it?
  21. kensterator

    Just why is Mac OS X so secure

    HAHA...I love the way that Windows has closed ports until it sees viruses and then it opens its ports to let the virus in.
  22. kensterator

    Application Launcher

    My friends were mean to me. They wouldn't tell me it was called QuickSilver. I saw that program 5.5 months ago and they said it was called "Sysaccess"
  23. kensterator

    Ridiculous Windows

    Here is what WinTerm Remote Desktop says when I am trying to configure a connection: I press "Edit..." and it says: "This connection cannot be edited because it is active" So I press "Deactivate" and it says: "This connection cannot be deactivated because it is active" Silly Windoze, how bad can they get!!??
  24. kensterator


    You are right, WEP is not secure. I would suggest using 1024-bit ASCII encryption.
  25. kensterator

    My first podcast!

    Great first one! But, theme music too long and couldn't hear whole thing. Something happened to your mic in the middle.