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  1. kensterator

    Inactive users

    I really, really, really, want to clean them out. It just gets on my nerves to see stuff being filled with emptyness.
  2. kensterator

    Application Launcher

    What is QuickSilver?
  3. kensterator

    Application Launcher

    I am quick at pressing command+shift+A so I launch with finder.
  4. kensterator

    iTunes promotion / iTunes enhanced

    Yep, I saw it the other day.
  5. kensterator

    The Best Firefox switch AD ever

    You know what, I LOVE IE. I THINK that it is the best browser possible. I mean, its the only one that doesn't crash. It is so fast to. It can turn 5000 kbps into 30000 kbps.
  6. kensterator

    Star Wars IV in Terminal

    Yeah, you are xxxx xxxxxx and it looks like you pressed "Notify me when a reply is posted" ------- EDITED BY ROB: I edited the name out of the post. Sorry if it offends anyone, but l33t has not offered his name, so I think he should have the right to stay mostly anonymous. PM me if you disagree. -----
  7. kensterator

    Apple vs Apple

    Ahh...Yes, I didn't even have to click on the link and I know what it is about!! I expected theem to win the case anyways, because stupid Apple Beetle Core (their name is all *bad word*ed up) They have an unlce who they are paying 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 for a lawyer while Apple gets to use their lawyer that they nver get to bring out, and now they bring out this professional lawyer or team of lawyers that costs very little and they win the case. Good Apple BAD beetle core. It would have been really hard for apple to lose the case.
  8. kensterator

    The Best Firefox switch AD ever

    Welcome back ChrisKil! Anyways, it is really hard to make ads funny okay everyone? Give people credit for attempting to make it funny. It takes a lot of effort.
  9. kensterator

    Cool little expose trick

    Now it works, I think it is supposed to work with F10 as well.
  10. kensterator

    Updating SSH on OS X

    A sidenote: For terminal, there are some commands such "make" When I use this command how come it says command not found when in the installation intructions it says to type in "make"
  11. kensterator

    Cool little expose trick

    I didn't minimize windows. I had 3 open Safari windows active.
  12. kensterator

    iTunes promotion / iTunes enhanced

    I went to iTunes and how come I coudln't find it.
  13. kensterator

    Cool little expose trick

    Either you didn't explain correctly or it doesn't work. I opened a few Windows, then I pressed F9 giving me the expose view. When I pressed tab all it did was make the error noise.
  14. kensterator

    Is your hardware insured?

    $5/year?!?!? I would want that!!! Where do you get the insurance?
  15. kensterator

    iTunes promotion / iTunes enhanced

    Can't you just tell me? I can't listen to the whole thing.
  16. kensterator

    Best Highspeed Option

    I think you might be able to get a T1 internet connection if you look hard.
  17. kensterator

    Star Wars IV in Terminal

    Accually, he's just my friend who saw me on this forum in the tips and tricks section and I showed him the tricks from this sections so he went on. He likes to use these symbols cuz he thinks they r kool. u know like L33t for LEAD MAC GEEK
  18. kensterator

    New Fish species in the Bermuda Triangle

    I thought everything disappears in the triangle of Bermuda.
  19. kensterator

    ichat names

    okay, here's my iChat: miketrain137
  20. kensterator

    Apple Ads

    They should make more Apple ads. They will get funnier.
  21. kensterator

    Best Show on TV

    How do you view shows from G4 TV. I can't find out how.
  22. kensterator

    Your screwed when 9 states are suing you.

    You are right. Bush is screwed. At least, I hope they successfully sue him. I want Bush's approval rating to go down the drain.
  23. kensterator

    Best Show on TV

    I bascially like anything having to do with crime and Iraq.
  24. kensterator

    New Mac Ads on Apple.com

    They need to show how frusstrated a person can get when the Mirsoft word or something ruins someone's job (resumé) is destroyed.
  25. kensterator

    Apple Ads

    The ads are really funny.