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  1. Seeing that you are going into high school, I am thinking that you are using this computer for school work where in this case you should save money and get a macbook with the minimum package, no extra RAM and stuff. However, if you plan to use it at heavy capacity: intense games, photos, videos, tv shows, large projects, then I suggest MacBook Pro. If you do get the pro, none of the upgrades seem necessary. Your updates and security are taken care of with software update. If you plan to bring it to school, I suggest you get a hard plastic casing for your computer.

  2. Some of you may remember when macs were 7.x, 8.x, and 9.x. But I remeber the upgrades from each version really fast. But after 10 came out, it has been stuck on 10 for quite a while....wheres the 11? Therefore, I feel that they are behind, do you guys feel they are behind?

  3. The macbook is definetly a good start, it is definetly good for doing everyday work and could handle your computer life. You don't really need the pro version unless you run lots of processees that require GHz. Glossy screen would be a bad idea as it is easily smudged unless you want to watch lots of movies or need high quality.

  4. I don't know if anyone already knows this shortcut, but if you are using a laptop or scrollwheel mouse, you can zoom in/out by holding control and scrolling with the 2 fingers on your touchpad or scrolling the scroll wheel. Sorta like the iPhone zoom feature except using scrolling

  5. "This connection cannot be edited because it is active"

    I tried to edit a connection and it accually said this.


    "This connection cannot be deactivated because it is active"

    So I tried to deactivate it and it said this. This is what the window accually said with of course the *Gunk*

  6. Gizmo isn't as popular as Skype, but I found out about it and I thought it was better. Lots of Gizmo users say that Gizmo is better. But some people still prefer Skype. I belive that Gizmo is better because there is still feree calling to so many countries as long as both poeple have a all calls free status active. To become active, all you need to do is call other Gizmo users a lot. Then, if the Gizmo user has their profile cell phone or home number set to a number outside of the US in an eligible country, the call will be free as long as both users are "active." What do you prefer and why?

  7. Ps3 seems to be the best but if you look at the cost, it can drag the rating down quite a bit at 500 to 600 dollars plus games and controllers and memory cards.

  8. I saw someone make the icons disappear by pressing cmd+F11 then appear by pressing that again. But, it seems that you need some sort of program because when I tried it it didn't work. Does anyone know how this trick works?

  9. Apple stocks are good to invest in right now whether it means short selling or buying. You can predict the trend. But, when is apple's next "cool item" going to come out and give stocks a boost. Please post investment advice here. Thanks.

  10. I think there should be a hidden file for it. JUst like when you go to system preferneces and you go to energy saver, it should have hte light blub picture right, well it doesn't just get there on its own, its a hidden file and I found it and I could swap pictures, so in case system preferences are getting boring you can always change that light bulb into donald duck. I therefore think that the mouse is a hidden file too and you can also replace that with a picture.. Might be under core services, IDK though. (trash can pic is also hidden file)