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  1. Happy birthday! :)

  2. firebirdboi06

    Word on Mac and images

    Lately I've been producing a list of new releases for my electronics department over in Wal-Mart. I started making and printing out the sheets because not everyone has a firm grip on the pulse that is entertainment. Is there a way that I can add images to the side of a Word document without this large gap being created by the image? The end result I'm aiming for is like this: http://www.darkhorizons.com/dvdreleases2.php
  3. firebirdboi06

    iWeb and placing screenshots

    On my website built from iWeb, I have a ever-growing games section with sub-sections for the Wii, Gamecube, as well as Mac/PC games. One feature I want to add as to have a few screenshots for each game show on the game's page as a thumbnail, and when the surfer clicks said thumbnail, they get a less-eye-straining version. Does anyone know a method to do this? There doesn't appear to be a built-in method for it.
  4. firebirdboi06

    How to return to Mac OS X

    I recently was handed a CD with Knoppix on it that I can boot from any computer from the CD directly. Me and the instructor tested this on my Intel Mac and found it to be true. Problem is, now I don't know how to return to my Mac environment. I have next to no experience in Knoppix or Linux in general, so great detail is appreciated.
  5. firebirdboi06

    Retrieving a Stolen Nano

    My sister recently lost a 2G iPod Nano at school (don't ask me how), but it was apparently stolen. Someone at Apple told my Mom that the best she could do was file a police report, granted, she may have talked to the wrong person. I've read articles about it, but can't figure out how to get the iPod back.
  6. firebirdboi06

    How to convert a partner

    My partner and roommate is currently deadset in many of his ways. Among them, listening to the same songs on iTunes... on repeat...as we sleep on my computer making the count far more then I would ever put for thsoe songs (in the near future). But, despite this he still thinks Musicmatch Jukebox is superior because it's... CLEANER??? Somebody tell me how does this make sense? That, and he thinks my relatively new-iMac is a POS because I'm on a college network and so it goes kinda slow on-line. Anyway, how can I convert him to love iTunes, the Mac, and all Apple has to offer? Cuz otherwise, there WILL be some problems when I try to set up our home network.
  7. firebirdboi06

    iWeb Help

    Does anyone know how to do the following in iWeb? I'm trying to make my music and movies pages a little easier to get around since they're getting too long, and making them any wider would be bad for those who prefer a smaller resolution (darn you HTML classes!). So the idea I've come up with is to place links at the top of the page with a letter. The corresponding letter would then have a link attached to the beginning of that letter's movies or artist/band names. For example, if I were to click on 'M' on the music page, I would see Madonna, Mae, Maroon 5, Meat Loaf, Michael Bublé, and Montgomery Gentry being first. the same woould occur for the movies, but I would see instead The Mask, Million Dollar Baby, Monster-In-Law, Moulin Rouge!, Mr. Holland's Opus and Mystic River.
  8. firebirdboi06

    Printer Suggestions

    Mostly I need it for text, however I need color since Im in a Photoshop class where the professor wants all of the creations to be e-mailed and as a hard copy
  9. firebirdboi06

    Printer Suggestions

    In looking at the reviews for printers on apple's site, I've become very disappointed. People generally prefer to give it a low rating for one reason and then say nothing positive about it, or give it a very high rating and say nothing negative. At lest for the most part. So I'm wondering, is there a printer out there that would be a good pick? I'd rather not spend more than $200 on one. Currently, I'm looking at this one: HP Deskjet 6980
  10. Today I was looking at getting myself an Airport Base Station, but I see that it would take it 1-3 weeks just to ship it! Has it always been a lengthy wait or is this a sign of a possible replacement on Tuesday?
  11. firebirdboi06

    Mighty Mouse issue

    Bingo, that did it. Thanks.
  12. firebirdboi06

    Mighty Mouse issue

    No change in behaviour :-(
  13. firebirdboi06

    Mighty Mouse issue

    I'm having an issue with my wired Might Mouse that came with my Mac. When I've been using the trackball, I've noticed that I can no longer scroll downward. I can however, scroll up and side to side. I'm not sure of what the problem is, but if it's what I suspect (a piece of debris inside the mouse) I won't enjoy fixing this much.
  14. firebirdboi06

    iTunes Radio

    I'm trying to discover some new music, but I find that the charts for Dance/Electronica on iTunes are very leniant to the extremely popular, and don't help me out much. Can anyone recommend oen of the iTunes Radio stations under the Electronica category?
  15. firebirdboi06

    Location Change

    Maybe... in my experience, the wife seems to commonly view the husband as another child...