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    Show off your Desktop

    I like mine plain It is a picture of three of my favourite things - my ibook, marmite, and the keith and the girl forums
  2. bebe33

    Show off your Desktop

    Here is mine
  3. bebe33

    Let me see your Mac!

    I'm currenty travelling the world (have been since Dec 07) so this is my set up Macbook Air Plus ipod shuffle Plus iTouch Not a desk in sight
  4. bebe33

    Apple TV

    Yeah, me too. Is it possible to hook up an external drive to the AppleTV and have it syncing to that? How about this hack that people keep mentioning....??
  5. bebe33

    Apple TV problems

    I was disappointed that I couldn't just store stuff on my AppleTV. I have a Macbook Air with limited space, so it would have been good to put my moves and TV shows on the ATV and delete them off my hard drive. Maybe it'll happen down the line :|
  6. bebe33

    iPhoto question

    This might sounds really dumb, but why does my iPhoto quit when I close the main window. This doesn't happen with any other app I run. Is this a prefs thing, or is it just how iPhoto works?
  7. bebe33

    iPhoto question

    Thanks. I was hoping it was something I could change. I find it annoying. I use my keyboard to scroll between apps (apple-tab) but can't with iphoto unless I leave it open permanently and just squish the window.
  8. bebe33

    Little Help

    What about the 'I Love You' bug? Psychologically interesting... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ILOVEYOU
  9. bebe33

    What kind of iPod do you have?

    I have a 2nd gen 10 gig ipod a 4th gen 40 gig ipod photo a 2nd gen 6 gig ipod mini - silver a 5th gen 60 gig ipod video Ipods are my weakness
  10. bebe33

    Maccast loop

    I just picked up and listened to the first three episodes. Great show! Twice as much Adam a week sounds good to me One comment, and a disclaimer first: I don't really know what I am talking about so this is an unformed idea, but I would be interested in what people think. It occurred to me when Adam and Victor were talking about the bittorrent/xbox live/apple tv connection that maybe Apple has big plans for the TV box. Is it possible that the units could be used to form a p2p network? Once Apple sell a few thousand units, they would have a base to work with, and then maybe we could opt into a p2p service on the network. Maybe Adam has already talked about this too, sometimes I get a bit lost in the really technical stuff he says...
  11. bebe33


    In New Zealand, Apple is represented by a group called Renaissance, which is in charge of distribution and marketing of all Apple products. So we get all the same stuff, almost as quick as it is released in the States. I prefer the experience of the Apple store though, there is just something about them, very stylish.
  12. bebe33

    Color iPod Shuffles!!

    Aww, they are so pretty. Now I really want one.
  13. bebe33

    Which Mac?

    It is always a tricky decision: laptop or desktop. I have gone with laptop for my last two purchases, and my next upgrade will also be a laptop. Mostly because I like to be able to use my computer anywhere in the house (and the world). At the moment for example, I am lying on the couch watching TV. I just prefer the flexibility...
  14. bebe33

    Help please

    Hey there...I need some help, My friend just got a Macbook (switcher, yeah!) and I wanted to be able to give her some podcasts and what-not. I know that I can file share via the drop box, but I would like to be able to enable some kind of full wireless file sharing. Is this possible? If so, how? I want to be able to see her whole hard drive, and she see mine... When I go to file-share, I get the box that gives the option to connect as 'guest' or 'registered user', so how do we set up registered users. When I put in the password it denies me access. What am I doing wrong? B
  15. bebe33

    To buy or not to buy a (video) iPod?

    Oooh, I hope you're right!
  16. bebe33

    Podcast question on ipod

    This is a problem that I have had too. I have not been able to figure out why it does this (it is only some of mine that do it, seems to be about moving files off the computer and then back on again). I just made playlists of the podcasts and left it at that. It is a little annoying though
  17. bebe33

    Zen vs. iPod

    A friend of mine purchased a Zen, and I tried to help her sort out how to get mucis onto it, and to download podcasts. I'm not a total dummy, but I had real trouble figuring it all out. Itunes is just soooo easy by comparison. Lucky us! Bebe
  18. Me too? I think that KD was the winner on the day!
  19. bebe33

    Network Connection

    I use the istat nano widget. That gives me some indication of network speed. Maybe there is a specific widget for what you want?
  20. bebe33

    Idea! Paid subsciptions on the forum

    Hey I was just thinking the same thing. Maybe it was after listening to that guy from TeachMac... I would certainly pay for premium content as a way to support the show...maybe we need a poll?
  21. bebe33

    To buy or not to buy a (video) iPod?

    Hey Vlad, I had the same problem as you. I have an ibook, and recently got a new 100 gig drive put in, which is WONDERFUL. I have an ipod video, which I use to store all my music, videos etc., but now I can keep them on my ibook. I think my next ipod will be a nano. They seem better for what I want - long battery life, and something to run with. The new ones seem quite solid too (the first lot seemed quite fragile). I would stick with the nano and spend the money you save from not buying the video on another hard drive, internal or external, whatever. You don't need to play the videos on the ipod do you? I guess then you would want a video...
  22. bebe33

    mac format ipod to windows?

    The main problem for me is actually the firewire - I don't have firewire on my PC. Any way round that?
  23. bebe33

    to buy or not to buy

    You should probably just buy the 80gig. I guess it depends on whether or not you can wait. It might be a while before we get any new ipods. Apple seem fairly distracted by the iphone, and then there is the new OS to think about...
  24. I use senuti, it is really great! Very easy, nice interface, recognises music, TV and movies, and keeps all my playlists.