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    -48 error when syncing

    I have been having other kinds of problems with syncing. Sometimes it just won't, sometimes it hangs for ages. Sometimes it fails to even recognise the ipod in itunes. That article is very good, thank you. I might just wait for another update tho, I am not keen to wipe my ipod completely since I haven't got enough room on my computer for all the files I'll save it as a last resort... Can you, or someone else, explain the FAT32 thing... My son has his ipod PC enabled, and mine is Mac. He can plug his ipod into my mac and it mounts as a hard drive, but I can't do this on his PC. Is this because his is formatted differently? Is it possible for me to be able to use my mac-formatted ipod as a hard drive on the PC?
  2. bebe33

    Sundance on Itunes

    I know it might be a little bit against the rules, but I am able to get itunes TV/movies no problems in New Zealand. Well, not NO problems. I have a friend in the US that supplied me with a mailing address so I could set up a US account, and he sends me a regular stream of itunes gift cards. He buys one, and I just give him money through paypal. It means that I can get all the shows I want. Love it!
  3. bebe33

    Trippin' Around

    Its on my upper arm. I was going to go for just a plain blue logo, but this is more subtle. Most people dont even see the logo, but I know its there! Taking your MBP to bed just makes good sense - it helps to keep you warm! I listen to my ipod every night at bedtime....
  4. bebe33

    Trippin' Around

    So I just got back from a 5 week vacation in the US. We travelled from LA to NY and back again, and a WHOLE lotta places in between. The best thing I did was take my ibook. It was totally amazing. I have never travelled with a laptop before, but it was so easy to stay connected to the world back home while on the road. I found wifi all over the place (Panera Bread is a favourite). Not to mention the wonderfulness that is my ipod. How did I ever travel without it! And check out the avatar...I got a cute little ladybug tattoo with a subtle logo in the middle... The highlights of the trip were definitely the 5th Ave Apple store in NY and visiting 1 Infinite Loop - I got a t-Shirt that says "I visited the Mothership". Love it! My hubby only got a little bored of visiting the Apple store in every city we went to (we don't have them here). Anyway, I'm on a post-trip high and thought I'd share. Bebe
  5. bebe33

    Broadband Anywhere

    Hey I am not sure if it was you are looking for, but Vodafone NZ just released the Vodem, which is a broadband modem. They have Vodafone in the UK right? Maybe you have something similar. http://www.vodafone.co.nz/mobiles/vodem.jsp Bebe
  6. bebe33

    MacWorld Keynote

    So how much is a platinum pass? I am planning to go next year and would rather not stand in line for 12 hours!! Bebe
  7. bebe33

    Comback for Mac Slammers

    Nice rant Andy. I guess the point is that arguing with die-hard PC fans is a waste of time. There are reasons why Apple is not a big percentage of the computer market (as you clearly point out) but the point is that I like what I like, and everyone else is just a dummy I have managed to switch my boyfriend and my best friend simply by letting them use my Apple products. It took my friend about a week to realise that she could not live without an ipod after I loaned her an old one of mine... When PCers start with me I just roll my eyes... B
  8. bebe33

    A greener Apple

    I agree with you Alex that this is a good idea - people action is always better than doing nothing. But do you think that Apple is being unfairly targeted because of their sudden popularity? Is this some kind of reverse halo-effect? I just purchased a couple of ipod nanos, and was impressed with the small amount of packaging they came with (and it was cool looking too!). Don't they also offer to recycle/dispose of your old mac for you? It seems to me that all modern technology comes with an environmental cost...the problem is way bigger than Apple, Inc. Bebe
  9. bebe33

    Free wifi

    I'm going to be in the US in Dec/Jan and am just wondering about the logistics of using free wifi connections while I'm travelling. I've done a little bit of research and it seems that it is possible, but has anyone made use of free wifi? Is it reasonable to expect that I could travel around and find somewhere to buy a coffee and surf for free? We have free wifi in NZ, but not in very many places...
  10. bebe33

    iPod 1.2 software reboot issue

    Mine is resetting constantly (just episodes of NLO), and as far as I can tell, the podcasts are stereo and there is no eq set I have done the 1 sec thing, and that seems to be working... Does it have anything to do with the fact that these podcasts are not in the 'podcasts' list, they will only show up in 'music'? (which is really annoying!) B
  11. bebe33

    iTunes 7 missing podcast bug

    And while I'm on the subject of iTunes 7 bugs, thanks you so much for letting me know about the 'lost files' bug and the 'resetting' bug. These have both been a problem for me and I had no idea what was going on. I have 'fixed' the resetting bug as you suggested, but am still stuck on the lost files problem. Do you have a suggestion for how I can find these lost files if I don't have a smart playlist to identify and delete them? I put a bunch of shows on my ipod (and for some reason they come up in my iTunes as music files, not podcasts, grrr), and now they don't appear anywhere. I now can't remember what these shows are (there are 360 possibilites!) and would like to be able to see/delete them! Help?! B
  12. bebe33

    iTunes 7 missing podcast bug

    Hi Jer, I'm stuck on instruction 2: I select the podacst (which is in the Music folder) and right click, and then what? which of these options to I choose? I have the option to convert to aac or ID3 tags... Bebe
  13. bebe33

    Free wifi

    No, we don't go until 1 December, so more info is great, thanks B
  14. bebe33

    Commercials that the Macs have been featured in.

    Wanna hear something really silly....The main internet provider here using macs in its advertising, but doesn't offer mac support for its service!
  15. bebe33

    FW Charger and iPod Nano 2nd gen?

    I use my fw charger to charge away from the computer, and the usb cable for connecting to the computer. No worries
  16. bebe33

    Ipod AV connection

    I just use RCA plugs, the ones with red, yellow, white on one end and headphones plug on the other end. I just have the plugs permanently in my tv.
  17. bebe33

    New iPods are a dissappointment?

    My daughter is super happy about the new nanos, especially since I promised her one for xmas. I like the colours - they appeal to the girls I think... The metal casing is a good idea. Our sliver mini is like a tank - dropped many times and still going strong, and unscratched!
  18. bebe33

    iPod games

    Arrrrgh, this sucks. I really want these, but I can't get access to the music store from NZ I might need to convince one of my friends to buy them for me. I love mah jong.... anyone played that yet??
  19. bebe33

    iTunes 7

    I love it. It really annoyed me that I couldn't see exactly where my podcast downloads were at, but now it gives me time and amount done. And the best news EVER...ipod games! Awesome. I'm already addicted to solitaire. Except that I can't access the music store to buy them from NZ
  20. bebe33

    Printer Suggestions

    I have an HP deskjet and it is really good - fast and crisp, but I'm thinking about buying a laser printer. My deskjet was really cheap, but they really sting me for inkjet refills. Between me, my seriouso and my kids, we seem to need a new cartridge every couple of months. Laser printers are more expensive at the start, but the toner cartridges last so much longer. I would seriously consider getting an HP laser printer if I was you.
  21. bebe33

    getting rid of OS 9

    That's all I did (delete those two folders), and I don't think I have any extra stuff left behind. Just make sure there are definitely no apps you use under os9 before you take the plunge. I'd make a backup of the folders first onto a cd or something...
  22. bebe33

    Which comes first?

    It's about time we had a new iopd. The 120 gig sounds great. My 60 gig is almost full
  23. Hey, I could use some help/advice please. I really really want to buy the show '30 Days' from the itunes music store, but New Zealand doesn't have authorisation to use this service, so I need a US credit card to access it. OR I heard that if you buy a gift card from Apple then you don't need to prove your address or anything. Can anyone confirm that they have successfully used this workaround to purchase music/TV from a non-authorised country?? My son said he could get it from bittorrent for me, but I'd prefer to get it at least a little bit legitimately Thanks Bebe
  24. bebe33

    putting a picture in a forum post..?

    Perfect. Thank you so much for your help. Now I can post pics
  25. bebe33

    putting a picture in a forum post..?

    Cool, thanks. Just practising... Awesome, that was easy! Why is that banner across the bottom of the picture?