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    Just the Movie

    Hmm, I have been using Handbrake for a couple of months now with no probs....Are you doing the settings right? I only use Handbrake to rip movies for my ipod, so I set it up for that...
  2. bebe33

    apple ads

    My fave is the restarting one, mainly because it is so true! Then again, I guess they all are. I really like that the ads are good natured in their criticism of PCs...
  3. bebe33


    You know that stealing music is wrong, right? I use Senuti to get access to my music/videos on my ipod. But I already OWN all the music/videos that I am accessing.
  4. bebe33

    << free macbook's >>

    Okay, so do these sites actually work? Because my friends are always getting me to do this for them, and I am very skeptical that I will get an ipod or whatever just by getting all my friends to sign up with some website. B
  5. bebe33

    Macs are like crack

    Yay you. Are you loving it? I'm so jealous! I have to wait til the end of the year
  6. Lol, all true. Now if all guys would figure this out, we would all be happy.
  7. bebe33

    Which version of Mac OS???

    Yay, just upgraded to 10.4 and loving it!
  8. bebe33

    Video chat

    Well I got her all hooked up, hopefully her mom is a mac user too... Thanks for that guys. B
  9. bebe33

    Macs are like crack

    Lol, my windoze-loving husband thinks I'm crazy, but I can see that I'm amongst friends...I have: My original Mac Classic - 4 meg of ram and a whopping 20 meg hard drive A PowerPC 7500 Two G3 iMacs A Powerbook 145b A G3 iBook A G4 ibook A 2g ipod 2 ipod minis (silver and pink) An ipod photo An ipod video And I love them all. I am planning to buy a Macbook at the end of the year. I have a weakness for laptops...
  10. bebe33

    Video chat

    Oh right, I never thought of iChat. So if my friend's mother doesn't have a mac (I'm not sure about this) she can just use AIM? So can anyone use AIM? Like you don't have to subscribe to Aol? Sorry, but I'm a total noob at this!
  11. Okay, so it definitely makes a difference to me. The extra tidbits keep me going between shows
  12. Oh right, sorry. Once or twice a week then. More now that there are actual stories to read. Is that why you're asking?
  13. I'm only constrained by my other commitments. Also, when I'm on, there is not much going on, prolly because it's the middle of the night everywhere else. Damn time zones
  14. Sometimes I listen and sometimes I don't, but I think it is really nice way to wind up a show, so I would prefer that the music stays
  15. They are good for the podcast community and I like hearing about new possilities for listening...I say keep it. You can always fast forward thru it...
  16. bebe33

    Apple Ads

    Lol, I didn't find the Japanese camera comments offensive - she is cute :wink:
  17. bebe33

    Apple Ads

    He's in Dodgeball ... that's it! Thank you
  18. Oh right, sorry I didn't think of that, I'm easily distracted by shiny new tools. I used the migration assistant to get all my stuff from my clamshell ibook to my ibook G4. From memory, I think that I used an ethernet cable rather than a firewire cable (?). That is possible right? Not all older macs have firewire...
  19. Will the freeware you suggested let me get videos back off my ipod, or just songs? I have ipod music liberator, but it is songs only...
  20. Boot camp is perfect for multi-platform households like mine. It has comvinced me to shell out the cash for a new laptop (I'm just waiting for the Macbook). I think I will be able to convince my husband and son to go total apple if they get to use their precious xp. What is the performance like, really? I have played with it in the store, but it needs to be really good to impress my men...
  21. bebe33

    Apple Ads

    I love em. My fave is the one with the Japanese camera. The rebooting one is quite funny too. Who is the 'mac' guy?? I'm sure I've seen him in something. I hate it when I can't place someone....
  22. bebe33

    Favorite Mac ever made.

    I can't go past my Mac Classic. It was the most expensive thing I had ever purchased in 1994 but the best thing i had ever bought. It got me right through uni, and I only retired it because I couldn't run an internet browser on it. I also love my imac 333, my clamshell ibook and my g4 ibook. Okay, so I have a computer graveyard that I just can't part with... I'd also like the lamp imac, I think it is cool!
  23. bebe33

    What kind of headphones?

    Some advice please... I would like to replace the earbuds my ipod video came with. Does anyone have the Apple in-ear buds? Are they any good (i.e. better than the standard buds). The guy I spoke to at my local Apple dealer said they were totally rubbish and I should just get Sony ones. Now I don't know what to buy... What are other people using??
  24. I think it is interesting that quicksilver relied on the old 'watch out for the commies' argument here....didn't we finish with that when the cold war ended? It may have escaped quicksilver's notice, but China is *rapidly* becoming an industrialised capitalist economy, and one that looks to be a much bigger empire than Britain or the US ever was. Just a thought. And here's another one. Regardless of the reason, THOUSANDS of people have died in Iraq (and the killing continues). You need a much better reason than the ones that Bush and Blair gave to send people to die in a strange land. It makes me sick to my stomach that people are dying and I'm not sure I know why.
  25. bebe33

    What kind of headphones?

    Thanks for all the help. That review of the Sony Fonotopia was great - these are the ones I was thinking about...I think I'll get them and gvie them a try