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    Buying a mac whilst on holiday?

    I have purchased all my portable mac stuff out on my home country, and have had no warranty issues. For PORTABLE devices (ipods, ibooks etc), Apple has a worldwide warranty. I'm not sure about desktops etc. For example, I purchased my ipod in the US and got it replaced under warranty in NZ...
  2. bebe33


    Thank you so much for that small piece of advice about the airport connection on the last podcast. I got a wireless modem a few months ago and was disappointed to discover that I could only get a range of a few feet. Just after I got my ibook, I got some new RAM installed, and...when I just checked under the hood, I noticed that the airport card wasn't connected properly. I reconnected it, making sure it was all the way in, and now I have connectivity all over my house!! Even upstairs. I'm in heaven. This is the best tip I have ever heard.
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    I would definitely check. The trick is to make sure that the antenna is ALL the way in. I checked my cable in the past and thought it was in properly, but clearly it wasn't. Mine was quite firm, and took a bit of time to seat fully.
  4. bebe33

    Maccast-Time Length

    I like it as is. I have too many little podcasts. I go for a run twice a week for 30 mins, so its perfect for me...
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    What time zone do you live in?

    Yup, I'm from New Zealand. We beat everyone....we're the first country in the world to greet each new day
  6. bebe33

    Game Of Choice

    My son just got an xbox 360. Good graphics, and good connectivity, but waaaaay to expensive, and its HUGE. I certainly wouldn't buy one. I still love my n64!
  7. bebe33

    NO store in Ireland!

    I'm hearing ya. 4m people in my country and no apple stores, AND no itunes music store
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    Sometimes i just want to throw my work PC out the window. It's ugly and it keeps breaking all the time. It is supremely stoopid. I'm not allowed to use a mac at work
  9. bebe33

    Can't Login? Clear your cookie.

    Oops, I just cleared all of mine. What are the consequences then?
  10. bebe33

    What other podcasts do people listen to?

    Ricky Gervais is my all-time favourite ... I also listen to: The Bitterest Pill Democracy Now!
  11. bebe33

    Latin Grammar Question

    I learned the difference - i.e. = id est in Latin and e.g. = exempli gratia
  12. Opinion from an outsider: people in my country are generally amazed that someone so seemingly stupid can be the leader of the free world. I'm not too happy that my daily life is affected by someone who I didn't even get to vote for. I think Bush needs to look closer to home if he wants some problems to fix.
  13. You certainly see a lot of strange non-vowel words in Wales. That 'w' = 'oo' sound explains a lot, otherwise most of the words in Welsh look (lwk) completely unpronounceable!
  14. I want to put away my Powerbook 145b and my iBook 366 and wonder if I should leave them plugged in, or unplugged, and what to do with the battery - leave in or take out? I can't seem to find any info on the Apple website. Suggestions?
  15. bebe33

    Long-term storage of laptops

    Thanks for your help Okay, so the laptop has a small internal battery just like a desktop? And this battery is easy enough to replace? Sorry, I've never cracked open my laptops so I don't know anything about this...
  16. Wow, A-Team, that's awesome. I'm so depressed that NZ doesn't have itunes music store
  17. bebe33

    iPod 5th Gen Video/Sound glitch fix?

    I haven't had any trouble with my 60g, but I heard that the best thing to do is restore 1.0 until Apple fixes the problem.
  18. bebe33

    How do YOU use Entourage and Gmail?

    I don't wish to tread-jack, coz I know you have asked a specific question, but why do you prefer Entourage to Mail for your email? I use Mail for my gmail account. I've never used anything else (excpet Eudora a milliion years ago!). I'm getting a bit frustrated with Mail tho, it asks me for a password everytime it checks for mail, and won't save it in the keychain. So anyway, why Entourage? It's not free, right? Just wondering
  19. bebe33

    Upgrade to tiget has slowed my powerbook to a crawl

    You have 10.4 on a clamshell? I have an ibook 366 and I'm not to sure about putting Tiger on it. Heck, I'm not to sure about Tiger for my ibook G4. Are widgets really amazing. Am I missing out? So how much ram do you need to keep the ibook 366 or G4 humming along with Tiger?