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    iEverything, blogging, travelling, playing hockey, running, having fun times.

About Me

I am an Apple-loving, soon to be married mother of two-and-a-half and grandmother of one-soon-to-be-two.


I live with my beloved fellow geek Stephen and his daughter Bronwen. I have grown my own children, Antony and Megan all the way up, and they have both now left home.


I love all things Apple and have been an Apple fangirl for a long time now. I’m typing this on my new iPad.


Having never exhibited the slightest talent for sports, I find myself in my late 30s involved in all sorts of activities – running, skating, ice hockey, futsal and ballroom dancing to name a few. Since I seriously have two left feet, I am the cause of much amusement to those around me when I participate in these.


I grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand, and although I’ve spent time in other places, I’ll never find anywhere else that feels this much like home.


Until recently, I taught sociology at university. Teaching felt like a calling and I loved it, but it also wore me out. So now I work for a fantastic little company making kick-ass educational products for companies and learning institutions. My work is varied and interesting and uses all my skills and talents. I might have found my new passion, we’ll see.