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  1. I have the most annoying and frustrating problem. Facebook won't load pages on my Mac - not in Safari, Firefox or Chrome. It sometimes loads initially, but then after a couple of page clicks, stops loading. If I quit the browser and restart, I can get another couple of page views in before I have to start again. The pages just hang, blank and loading, forever. It's infuriating. It affects no other webpage, and is not a problem for any other Mac in the house. I have java and flash installed (just re-installed them recently). I'm running OS10.8.3 and Safari 6.0.4 Help!? It drives me nuts! Bebe
  2. bebe33

    Facebook won't load in any browser

    So far I've cleared cache and reinstalled the browsers fresh. Good thinking to set up a new account, that will be my next step. Thank you, very helpful!
  3. bebe33

    Facebook won't load in any browser

    Hmm, yeah not too helpful. If I 86'd FB I'd lose contact with my entire dispersed family, who I connect with everyday in this medium. Same goes for an a array of community organisations I'm involved it - cheaper than building a website, and gives groups the ability to easily build an online community. My ice hockey club and my roller derby club both use FB extensively. It's perfect for this level of organisation. I neeeeeeeed it!
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    Winner! The RWC final was a cracker!
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    New Baby

    I just got a new 13" MacBook Pro too. It's gorgeous! Before that I had a original 13" MacBook Air - it was underpowered to begin with, so it's starting to really limp along now...It's been handed down to my 11 year old. She's very happy with it. My husband has the 11" MBA and he loves that. Sometimes I'm a little jealous of his smaller form factor - it's a little more user friendly on the couch than my MBP. Were you tempted by the Airs at all? I know I was, but I definitely made the right choice. How are you finding yours? I am really loving the battery life, and it's so quick. The only thing I don't like is that it takes ages to activate when I wake it from sleep. But I think that's just because I'm used to my instant-on iPad
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    Strange but recurring iPhone problems

    Yes, I have this problem. I have another weird and annoying bug. When I'm listening to something via the iPod app and another app requiring sound interrupts it (a call, a text, or a push notification for instance), it changes the volume of the iPod - it is now much lower. If I click the pause button on the headphones and then click again to unpause, the volume goes back up to where it was. It's really annoying!
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    Favorite iPhone Apps

    For my iPhone, I love: Twitter Gowalla - a more-fun-than-4sq location app Runkeeper - this keeps track of my walking/running/cycling/skating activities Touch LCD - is a nice clock app that has a dimly-lit LCD display for showing the time at night, and alarms (that work even with Daylight Savings changes in NZ!) Words with Friends - a great little scrabble-type app Soosiz - a cute game in which you collect coins and fight bad guys. Mindless fun mPass - a mobile flight-keeper for our main airline - keeps track of your flights and an e-boarding pass Bump - for file-sharing between iPhones Remote - for controlling my AppleTV from anywhere in my house Skype - you can make free calls!
  8. bebe33

    Favorite iPhone Apps

    Oh wow! I need this! I wonder if it has support for NZ products...
  9. bebe33

    Favorite iPad Apps

    I really love Flipboard and Star Walk. Other than those, most of the apps I have are kids games. For the under 3-4 year-olds, Duck Duck Moose make a set of fun games. I'm happy to see VLC is here for playing movies, although it keeps crashing on my iPad. Zinio for downloading magazines is great. Audible is great for downloading and playing audio books. Until recently you couldn't browse the store from the app, but I hear you can now (haven't tried it yet though). Kindle. We can't buy books in iTunes here yet, so I have to use Kindle/Amazon store to buy my books. Touch LCD is a nice clock app that has a dimly-lit LCD display for showing the time at night, and alarms (that work even with Daylight Savings changes in NZ!) Remote for controlling my AppleTV from anywhere in my house Scrabble is cool, and we can use our iPhones as the tile boards! Super cool!
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    I used to watch rugby occasionally, but haven't done for years. There is a Rugby World Cup on in New Zealand next year...with all the extra visitors, it's expected to cause havoc in our small country. I might have to go somewhere else if I want to avoid rugby fever. More importantly, I wish there was some way to buy a season pass to NHL hockey in iTunes, but we can't buy TV shows here yet!
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    How many Apple products do you own and why?

    Hehe well I guess there are at least a few of us then It really is an awesome machine, but really, in hindsight, it was just practice for the iPad...my iPad is more powerful than my MBAir
  12. bebe33

    I want to go back to 3.0.1

    Was it too good to be true? I'm thinking about trying to get my iPhone 3 back onto OS3.0. It runs really poorly on 4, and not just slowly, but all my apps crash all the time, even the iPod and SMS apps.
  13. bebe33

    So, who are you?

    Thanks, I enjoy writing it
  14. bebe33

    So, who are you?

    The Maccast was the first podcast I downloaded on my shiny new 2nd gen iPod. I've been an Apple fan since I played with my first computer - an Apple IIe in the early 80s. If you're interested in such things, you can read about my love of Apple on my blog, the post is called The Cult of Mac: http://bebetoocool.wordpress.com/2010/06/30/the-cult-of-mac I live in Christchurch, New Zealand with my lovely soon-to-be husband and his 10-year-old daughter. I have an 18-year-old daughter who just left home, a 21-year-old son, and a lovely daughter-in-law, who have a 20-month-old baby and another on the way (due next month!). I love being a Nana By trade, I'm an educational designer, which means I help organizations make kick-ass educational products for their students/customers/clients. I get to work on all sorts of diverse jobs like design training materials for anything from automotive engineers, to midwives and international exporters. Occasionally I get to do really cool stuff like design e-learning content for NZSAS (Special Armed Services) inductees in the style of the game Call of Duty I like to spend my spare time running (I listen to Adam to keep the boredom at bay), playing Futsal (like indoor soccer), and my new fave, ice hockey. I'm half way through my first season, having just learned to skate this year. The rest of my time is spent playing with my numerous Apple toys
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    I think it's really funny that when I talk to Americans about accents, their point of reference is usually regional accents (I have a Brooklyn accent, etc), but most other people mean national accents. When I was traveling in the US a couple of years ago, I had a hard time explaining to people there that to me, they all sounded like they were speaking with an accent, and I was the one who sounded normal in my head. Most people I spoke to could not get the idea that everyone has an accent as soon as they leave their own country. Why is this, do you think? I have a New Zealand accent. Sometimes I can hear my own accent when I'm talking. It's indistinguishable from the Aussie accent to everyone except them and us. It kinda sounds a bit English, but less so
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    I have invites!

    I guess google agreed with you, as of last week. I couldn't wrap my head around the purpose of Wave. Maybe it was a lack of critical mass like Twitter has. When Twitter first started it was kinda lame too, but now that everyone I know is on it, it's useful.
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    International iPhone prices

    The iPhone in New Zealand (and Australia and the UK) is priced pretty much exactly the same as the US. If you take the base US price for an iPhone, do a currency conversion, and then add taxes, the price for the phone is the same. It seems the same is true for other Apple products too. Intereesting huh!? I think Adam mentioned this on a show some time ago. You can buy the phones unlocked in New Zealand too, but of course signing up with a 24 month contract makes the phone much cheaper - ranging from about a 10% to 100% subsidy. I pay US$30 per month for my plan, which includes 600 texts, 60 minutes of calling, 3 gig of data, unlimited pixt. I don't make a lot of phone calls so this plan is good for me. If I use up my minutes, I pay 0.60c a minute for calls, ouch!
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    Are you happy?

    That will be the model they put the camera in ... And I'll be first in line for one, because I'm a sucker like that
  19. bebe33

    What is your Favorite iPod?

    I had trouble choosing between my shuffle and nano. I like them both for different reasons. Shuffle is good for running/walking with, nano is great in the car. Like others my iPhone beats them all though.
  20. bebe33

    What is the best vintage mac ever made?

    I still have mine - the Classic. I fire it up now and again and play my fave game ever The Sacrab of Ra. Ah, good times.
  21. bebe33

    How many Apple products do you own and why?

    MacBook Air wasn't there either. Am I the only person who bought one? I like the synchronicity of my Mac products. They all play so well together. For example, we just upgraded from the generic router from our ISP to a Airport Extreme/Express, and what a difference. No slow Internet, constant rebooting. We now have a super fast home LAN, it's great.
  22. bebe33

    Are you happy?

    I just love mine. I have the 64gig 3G model. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now, and pretty much love everything about it. Favourite things: - reading books wherever and whenever. Kindle reader is great (we don't have a fully stocked Books store here yet) - it is great to web surf on - the keypad - I can almost touch type! Frustrations: - the screen looks a teensy bit fuzzy compared to my shiny new iPhone 4 - The Facebook app sucks - can't think of anything else! One problem I ran into straight after buying my iPad was that I couldn't get any decent content on it via my MacBook air which was completely full - no room for movies and TV shows, or even new apps really. The answer: buy a new Mac mini and sync it to that. An expensive week! So now my 10-year-old gets an upgrade from her iBook to the MacBook air, and I am using a desktop again for the first time in 10 years. The iPad fits in the gap between the mini and the iPhone perfectly IMHO.
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    Which iPad will you be buying?

    The iPad just came out in New Zealand at the end of last month, and I stood in line to get one the first morning. My boyfriend and I both got the 64 gig 3G model. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have got one at all since I have a MacBook Air, but he wanted me to have one so we could play on them together. I love it. I've mostly give my MacBook over to the 10-year-old now. The battery life on this thing is insane!
  24. bebe33

    App Store is open

    I think Remote made my Apple TV crash. Has anyone else had this problem?
  25. bebe33

    App Store is open

    You have access to the apps? I can download them but I can't install them