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  1. it would be cool, but i don't think so. and i don't think that they would change the shape, even if they change the color
  2. andmac

    Least Used Bundled Mac App

    i use all of them
  3. andmac

    Top 10 Mac Apps for New Users

    can i list my dock? ;-D
  4. andmac

    Backup Question

    time machine would work... if lepoard has been released, HAS IT BEEN RELEASED? i don't think so. ;-|
  5. andmac

    A REALLY stupid iTunes question

    you need to drag the music to the music folder in your home folder. as long as you haven't put any important music on the system, it should work. it might ask you whether you want to replace something, say yes to it and is will over write all the music you have on the mac and therefor, replace it with the music from the dell! hope this will work... back up your music folder just in case ;-).
  6. andmac

    Terminal Easter egg!

    HAHA that is funny
  7. andmac

    using urls

    hi all i found this on the nossilacast http://www.podfeet.com/wordpress/ ok. if you drag the little favicon in the URL bar, you can drag it to another window, heck another browser. i don't know if anybody has seen this before.
  8. andmac

    Sleep using Remote Control

    nice trick! i like the graphic. now i can sleep the computer from my bed!
  9. andmac

    Best way of making processor hot

    you could run benchmarks.
  10. andmac

    MacCast software

    i can do simple things and i am learning ruby
  11. andmac

    Any good Mac Budgeting software?

    you should check out Cha-Ching http://www.chachingapp.com/ it is full of mac os X goodness a.k.a it is good looking. you should check it out.
  12. i really don't think you can i bet your ISP limits your email size. but other that, i don't you can.
  13. andmac

    new mac book and itunes

    use an ipod but if you don't have ome i guess this is not much help
  14. andmac

    Share All Your Mac Websites...

    The Omni Group Yellow Mug MacMod Macintouch macCompanion MacWorld Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes TUAW All Forces Daring Fireball there is a whole lot of links, if you want more of my links check out my del.icio.us page
  15. andmac

    java compiler

    I tried and it did compile. But when I tried to open it gave me an error that looked something like this The jar file "HelloWorldApp" couldn't be launched. Check the console for possible error messages Thanks for the info. :?