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  1. KRosenberg

    Someone with Snow Leopard - could you help?

    Thanks! I owe you one.
  2. So I downloaded a mod for the Dock via MacUpdate (can't remember which one) that was supposed to let me further customize my dock. For installation, I had to replace the Resources folder within the Dock.app package with the one I downloaded. Turns out it was for Leopard dock, not 10.6. So, I was stupid and didn't backup the original Resources folder, and now my dock crashes every time I try to open a stack, and I can't right-click any Dock icons. Would someone out there with Snow Leopard like to share their Dock.app Resources folder with me? It's located under Macintosh HD > System > Library > Core Services > Dock.app (right-click, "show package contents") > Resources Emailing it to me in a zipped archive is fine. kyle.rosenberg at gmail Thanks for your help!
  3. My internal hard drive in my MacBook just bombed out. (We'll worry about that later) In the meantime, I'd like to be able to use my Mac for web and word processing, etc.. I am aware you can boot up from an external hard drive like they do at the Apple Store Genius Bar, but how am I to install OSX from my install disc onto the External HD? I do not have another mac available, just some PCs, if that makes any differnce.
  4. KRosenberg

    Damaged External HD

    my external hard drive recently bombed out on me, in that it would no longer mount, but i was able to recover the files i needed from the drive. if i were to reset this drive and format it, would i be able to sucessfully use it again, or is the drive gone for good? i have tried repairing and rebuilding the drive using DriveGenius, but nothing seems to work.
  5. KRosenberg


    I came across Joost in Time magizine, a new internet-based television service. They are currently offering beta testing, but there's a big line, and they reccomend that you can receive instant access if someone with an account invites you. sooo... if anyone currently has an account and invites left (i have no idea how many each user gets) i'd be eternally grateful if you sent me one! Thanks a lot!! Email me.... kyle "dot" rosenberg "at" gmail "dot" com
  6. KRosenberg

    Closing my MacBook without putting it to sleep

    I found an app called SleepLess. It works fine, and can be cutomized to sleep when its running on the battery. http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/10564
  7. Is there any trick or software out there to prevent my MacBook from going to sleep as soon as i close it? i.e., i would like to listen to music while hooked up to my stereo, but I dont always want the screen open. Thanks
  8. KRosenberg

    .mac and SideKick 2

    maybe try MarkSpace.com ??
  9. KRosenberg

    midi converter

    Try WIDI Audio To MIDI VST Haven't tried it, just stumbled across it on a Google search.
  10. KRosenberg

    Random Screensavers Question

    try using Random Extra
  11. KRosenberg

    Apple Remote Functions

    From what I know with experiences from my dock that came with my 3rd Gen iPod, the volume controls of the iPod connected to the dock do not affect the output volume if the dock and iPod are using the line out function on the dock. This may not be true with the new remote-eneabled Docks, but if it isn't working it may be the same issue. Try adjusting the volume on the ipod controls itself and see if it affects anything.
  12. KRosenberg

    Books on Apple Computer, Inc

    I have to write a research paper for my 10th grade Composition Class, and being the Mac Geek that I am, why not write about the history and information of Apple. I am wondering if anyone out there knows of any good books that are on the subject of Apple Computer. (yes, i know everything about them is online, but the requirements are that at least three sources must not be from the internet.) It could be anything regarding the history of the company, its products, or it's founders and executives. Thanks for helping.
  13. KRosenberg

    HP LaserJet 5L

    I have an old LaserLet 5L (parallel connection) that I'd like to hook up to my MacBook using a Parallel to USB converter cable. The printer driver is available on the Mac, but will the pritner still work with the adaptor in place?
  14. KRosenberg

    pq dvd to ipod converter is a bit of a rip off...

    You can also use Handbrake, a free app that converts DVDs to Mpeg format among many other customizable options. Also, Instant Handbrake is less cutomizable, but automatically converts your DVD to H.264 or PSP compatible format without the hassle of working with all the options in the regular version.
  15. KRosenberg

    Free SW with new Mac Pro?

    OmniOutliner and Comic Life came on my 2.ogHz MacBook that i purchased in May 2006.