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    Folder Permissions in Snow Leopard

    Ok, I've managed to get staff permissions set to read write as well now, as show in this picture. I will see if this works on other users and shows up in Windows, I hope it does. However if it doesn't then I will probably make a new user on the mac and move all my files over to there and then it should have the default read/write permissions.
  2. TheEnglishClutch

    Folder Permissions in Snow Leopard

    Thanks Graham. Yes that is what I have done, I just can't seem to select staff as an option, the only two I've been able to do are the individual users and the everyone group. Please could you help me with setting it up so staff can also read and write, thanks.
  3. TheEnglishClutch

    Watch TV through iMac?

    This is a good alternative, but I'm assuming that he wanted a really nice quality TV picture so then his screen wouldn't go 'to waste', although the BBC iPlayer and other alternatives are great, the picture quality is sometimes lacking.
  4. TheEnglishClutch

    Folder Permissions in Snow Leopard

    I can understand why you made that assumption, but I originally started off with a Limited account, but then when I had to keep on entering the admin's password I switched to an admin account after about 6 months or so. Anyway I'm pretty sure that I did modify my userspace so it was Locked when I was an admin, and I did this by selecting More Info on my user and checking the box 'Locked'. I have just ran Repair Permissions in Disk Utility, and this seems to have helped a little but still files and folders are not readable. How would I go about making my user 'Read and Write' access to staff? Because you mentioned that originally and I did make everyone as read and write, but couldn't find staff anywhere. Thanks again for the help, sorry for the late reply. -Mark.
  5. TheEnglishClutch

    Folder Permissions in Snow Leopard

    I have tried this, however it doesn't seem to work. Furthermore, now I can't view other mac users files on their userspaces, I don't know why though. Any further help would be much appreciated. Thanks again, -Mark.
  6. TheEnglishClutch

    Folder Permissions in Snow Leopard

    I have been having this problem over the past few weeks. When I first created my user on the mac, I wanted to have all folders private, locked and only readable by my user. However I need to access them on the windows side (Windows XP via Boot Camp) and also on other users on the mac. Is there a simple way to switch all files and folders under my username to read and write all users, or at least read by all users. I have tried to do this to the main user Folder, however It will make the folder readable, but all folders inside it remain locked and unreadable, meaning I have to enter my password and change folder permissions on each folder to allow me to access the files on another user on the Mac. On windows, due to locking the folders, I cannot even see them, however I can see other users files on the mac side, just not mind due to the folder restrictions. I hope I've made it clear enough, need to know anything else and I'll reply very soon, hope you'll be able to help me out in some way. Thanks, -Mark. PS: Keep up the podcast, it's the reason why I came here for help.