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    How was your iCloud?

    I don't really have any use for it.
  2. R94N

    R.I.P. Mr. Jobs

    Incredibly sad. The impact he had on the world really shows when you think about how many people read the news on a device that he created, or at least had a major part in creating. For me that was certainly the case.
  3. R94N

    Twitter second account?

    Yeah the official Twitter app works fine with multiple accounts.
  4. R94N

    Track pad or mouse? or Both?

    I use a trackpad but only because I use a laptop. Sometimes though I wish I had a mouse because in my eyes I think they're more comfortable.
  5. R94N

    Password Management

    I use Lastpass, just the free service though. I love it. it works great.
  6. R94N

    +1 not working

    I came across that before a while back, it could be just that it's been disabled.
  7. R94N

    who is getting a new kitty?

    I will probably try and upgrade at some point, although I'll go to the library and use their WiFi to download it because of the bandwidth cap we have here at my house.
  8. R94N

    ipod touch heat damage

    I don't think I would risk it but certainly hide it away from view if you leave it in the car.
  9. Haven't posted for a while; hope no one minds if I create a general discussion thread because...I like that kind of thing. I was pleased to see Steve up on the stage again, although he didn't do very much I did expect him to be the one announcing iCloud. Most of what was announced we knew already thanks to the rumours; I'm pleased with the changes to Lion and the iOS but since i don't own an iOS device it doesn't really affect me So yeah, what does everyone else think? Do you think you will be making good use of the iCloud? What are/were your opinions of MobileMe? Personally I never really thought it was worth it. I noticed Steve took a dig at it in the Keynote
  10. R94N

    WWDC 2011; What did you think?

    Yeah, it's a shame that almost as soon as things are moving into the 'cloud' and we're seeing more and more cloud-based services ISPs are introducing data caps for more people and restricting access.
  11. R94N

    New Server

    I see there have been some sharing options added. Are those new? I can't remember!
  12. R94N

    Mac Defender Scam??

    Woah, sounds nasty. Luckily it doesn't sound that bad if it does get on your system, but that doesn't mean there could be more trojans like this for the Mac that are a lot worse. I did hear that there are/were a number of malicious programs and trojans on sites that have been specifically targeting people searching for Bin Laden images, and taking advantage of Google search algorithms so they can get to the top few links. It's a dangerous world out there!
  13. R94N

    Miscellaneous Recycling

    There are charities that will take old computer equipment and cables as well as your local authority or private companies, so you might want to take a look at those as well.
  14. R94N

    iMacQuariums for sale

    The first photo there looks brilliant, glad to see you're still doing them! Where you source your cases from, may I ask?
  15. R94N

    Forums on iPhone?

  16. R94N

    loud fan on mac book air

    I think that is more down to what kinds of cooling system you're using, and how effective that is, and what you're running/doing, rather than having more 'power'. But I agree that you don't tend to notice heat on a desktop because you're not hunched over the CPU/hard drive/motherboard whilst working like you are with a laptop; it's all in the tower or behind the monitor, away from you.
  17. R94N

    loud fan on mac book air

    It could be a build-up of dust inside the computer that is causing heat problems. Might want to get a can of compressed air and blow some into the cooling openings, or open it up and give it a clean.
  18. R94N

    iPad 2 launch photos

    I think a lot of iPad 2 buyers are new to the iPad, and held off until now for more features, rather than people who are upgrading from the original iPad. If I was going to buy one now it's certainly more appealing than the first model, just because of the increased speed, cameras, etc.
  19. R94N

    Forums on iPhone?

    Apparently most of the VBulletin-based forums seem to work okay on mobile devices as well, if you are a regular anywhere else.
  20. R94N

    This guy is not alone

    You can trash the Flash plugin/player, or uninstall it (more or less the same thing). I can sympathise with the podcast listening marking; I think it's an issue with my old(er) iPod Shuffle. Sometimes it marks things that I have listened to as unlistened, things I've listened to once as twice, and sometimes not done anything at all. Restoring doesn't do anything. I just end up marking the podcasts myself, manually.
  21. R94N

    So, thinking about an iPhone, some questions ...

    If they both seem to have decent coverage in the areas that you'll be using your phone most of the time it doesn't seem to be that much a problem. A lot of the AT&T problems I've heard about have been in busy, highly populated cities like San Francisco, where there is a lot of demand and the networks are stretched a lot more. As to the comparison between the two I think the only way of finding out is by trying it out yourself and seeing which one you prefer or by perhaps asking others about their experiences who have iPhones in your area. Obviously since you don't seem to use much data compared to texts you might want to go with a plan that is 'balanced' more towards texts than data; not sure of the exact plans that you can choose from but I'd imagine there'd be some kind of table or similar information on their respective websites. Again, I think these questions are best answered by taking a look at the carriers' sites, or if anyone else on the forum (probably John!) knows. Being in the UK I don't have any experience with this, as I think it's slightly different to that in the US depending on the carrier and their individual policies. Hope this helps at least a little; I appreciate that I probably don't have the experience or knowledge compared to others.
  22. R94N

    Smart Cover for iPad2 potential problems

    Yeah, like John says I don't really think the magnets are big enough or powerful enough to cause any damage, although obviously it's a good thing that you are concerned.
  23. R94N

    RSS/Newsreader apps that stay in sync

    There's an newsreader/RSS feed app on the Mac App Store, called NewsRack (£4 here, not sure about in the US). It can be synced with a Google Reader account if you decide to sign up for that, or you can use it without one. There's also an iOS version, but I'm not sure whether it keeps in sync throughout all the different versions on the Mac/iPhone/iPad if you had those devices running the app, like you requested. I would imagine it does but having not used it I have no idea.
  24. R94N

    MacWorld Expo 2011

    Oh right; thanks for the explanation. It does seem confusing.
  25. R94N

    MacWorld Expo 2011

    Can I ask a question related to MacWorld? Is it in any way related to the magazine/website? Not sure..