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    camera -> iPhone -> cloud storage

    johnfoster, I had thought about Dropbox for them and realized the 2GB (free) limit. I've never had luck with AppleScript so I would probably do something with a cron file and rsync. I hadn't thought of automatically clearing out a Dropbox folder(?), disk(?), box(?), sync storage attachment. Bucky
  2. Bucky Junior

    camera -> iPhone -> cloud storage

    This looks terrific and may just fit the bill. I'll send on to daughter & son-in-law and continue studying the details. Thanks for passing this on! Bucky
  3. Bucky Junior

    camera -> iPhone -> cloud storage

    I'm kinda in a hurry to solve this one. My daughter and son-in-law are going on an extended trip (7+ weeks) and don't want to lose any of the photos they take along the way. I don't have all the information but I'm looking for a method they might move the photos from the camera to their iPhone, then upload the photos to the cloud to retrieve them once they return home. Unfortunately, I'm short of information. I think their camera is a Nikon SLR-type but don't know what kind of card it uses. I saw some memory card readers that could be attached to the iPhone to transfer data from the camera card to the iPhone. At this point, I'm thinking of perhaps some subscription storage to upload from the iPhone for the two months they would need it. Some services reduce the picture size to meet their storage needs which is _not_ an attractive feature. They'll be connecting by WiFi at internet cafes in Europe, the Mid-East, and the Far East. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. OMG! They leave in week! Bucky
  4. Bucky Junior

    What kind of iPod do you have?

    5th generation black 60 GM with a preponderance of music from the late '60s/early '70s.
  5. Bucky Junior

    Least Used Bundled Mac App

    Like others, I haven't found a use for Automator, Comic Life, or Chess. Exposé and Spaces don't fit with how I work. iChat doesn't get much of a workout either. Guess I just don't have any friends to talk to. Ha! Otherwise, I'm in the utilities frequently though not to have them running all the time. Lots of assorted stuff running all the time though--text processing, graphics, coding. Bucky
  6. Bucky Junior

    G4 MDD Wind tunnel is alive!

    I've got a G4 MDD (aka the Wind Tunnel) that has been resting for a while but I'm planning on plugging it back in. I would like to use it as a file server and trying to think of the best way of 1) reducing power consumption 2) keeping it quiet (another room is an option) 3) keeping it awake and online so I don't have to wait while I opening files, saving files, and making backups. I'll probably be running it mostly blind (i.e., headless) so a remote login process would be handy too. Or, the machine itself doesn't have to be logged in if I'm running everything else remotely. I'm looking forward to some ideas. Thanks! Bucky