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  1. Hi all, I am currently a user of Adium to amalgamate all my chat programs into one. I am annoyed that adium doesn't support video/audio chat. I have experimented with iChat and find the interface to be less "clunky" There are numerous guides to link yahoo and msn accounts to iChat but they all seem to be old. Some say iChat will support video chat across all networks http://www.ebusinessblog.org/397/how-to-log-into-yahoo-im-with-ichat-on-mac-os-x-via-a-jabber-account/ some say it won't. On all the guides I have viewed I seem to get so far then nothing. Has anyone done this successfully is it worth it? Does it support video or audio chat. Cheers for reading
  2. Hi All, I wonder if anyone can shed any light on a slight annoyance with iTunes sometimes!! Importing audio CD's into itunes 9 on a Macbook running Mac OS 10.6.2. Sometimes CD mounts and appears on the desktop imports into iTunes no issue. Sometimes the CD spins up to speed, queries Gracenote and then the CDs dismounts leaving me to mount it again in disk utility or eject and re-insert and merrily import to itunes again. Like I say this an annoyance. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to when it does this, it's not CD specific. The only other thing I have to add is that when I insert a mixed media CD one that has data and audio the data section stays mounted even if the audio section does not. This problem also occurs on a friends Macbook. Cheers for reading