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    I'm gonna get one...I'm waiting for the 64GB 3G version though. Not because I'll be carting it around with me wherever I go, but I want the option just in case. It will not replace my laptop and it will not replace my iPhone. I work on a computer all day (at the office we're not permitted to use the net) so when I get home my computer usage is basically just web-browsing and email, which I hate doing hunched over a laptop. I like to lounge on the couch and browse the web with my iPhone now but once I get the iPad I'll be using that. Another thing I'll use it for is sharing pictures. Most of my family (especially the older folks) can barely use a computer if they have one at all. To be able to sit on a sofa with them and look through tons of digital photos will be so much better than lugging the laptop out and all of us huddling around it. Add in the videos, music, ebooks and apps and I think you have a winner.
  2. Vince77

    iPad Camera

    After playing with one yesterday for about 15-20 minutes at a local Best Buy, I really don't see it as something you would be taking with you wherever you go...it was slightly heavier than I expected. I guess when I think of video chatting I think of that as more of a function of a phone...don't get me wrong, I'm all for more options so having a camera would be a plus in my book, but not having one isn't a minus.
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    iPad Photo Import Setting

    Does anyone know if you will be able to import your photos using iTunes at their FULL resolution? I'm hoping that since the iPad's screen is so much bigger than an iPod Touch's or iphone's that iTunes will not "optimize" them. Or at least give me the option.
  4. Hi everyone. I am a life long Windows user (currently Windows 7) and recently I have been thinking of switching to Mac. However, a friend of mine was telling me that Apple stops supporting their OS's after about two years and so do most software vendors. He cites a G4 Mac he picked up at a thrift store and claims that he couldn't get the latest version of iTunes or FireFox. I was thinking maybe this had something to do with the newer Macs being on Intel chips. I'm just worried that if I go and spend 2 grand on a new Any insight you all have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!