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  1. Thank you for your detailed reply. I was somewhat reluctant to go with the box option, not knowing how long that might take, but after your comment, I went ahead and asked for a box to be sent. Although I've been buying Apple products since 1999, this is actually the first year I've ever had to deal with service or the Genius Bar. My Macs have always lasted longer than I ever expected without issues (I have mid-2007 iMac on my desk that still works, although quite slowly, and the only thing that ever failed on it was the hard drive five years in). Unfortunately, I've had a run of bad luck with Apple devices this year...the two MacBook issues and also a Series 3 Apple Watch that had a face spontaneously separate from the body while apparently charging overnight (Genius Bar experience was good with this issue; they took and shipped me a brand-new replacement in two days).
  2. Greetings everyone! I am seeking the knowledge of someone very familiar with the internals of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (15”). Last week, a crackling sound began to emanate from the left side of the MacBook. I ultimately took it to the Genius Bar, and I picked it back up this week after one of the fans was replaced. Unfortunately, once getting it back, a new problem became evident. Specifically, the Touch ID sensor is not responsive. I went through the following steps to try to troubleshoot: 1)Shut Down/Restart 2)Deleted a saved fingerprint, tried to add a new one (nothing happens when I LSU a finger on the sensor). 3) Reset the SMC and NVRAM. After rebooting, still not working. 4) Backed up, then did a clean re-install of the OS. When prompted to set up Touch ID for the first time, it is still not sensing the finger. Having gone through these steps, it sounds like I have no choice but to return to the Genius Bar (80 miles away). This situation has caused to wonder what exactly could have happened during the fan replacement that led to the Touch ID failure. I am certain the sensor was working prior to the Mac being serviced, so it is most likely this new problem was a consequence of the fan replacement. Does anyone know if the pathway to replacing the left fan requires acessing, removing, or otherwise manipulating the Touch Bar or Touch ID sensor? Everything else on the Touch Bar is working just as well as it did since I’ve had the Mac. Thanks for reading and in advance for any insight you may have.
  3. Hello to all. I became a full fledged Mac convert about 1 1/2 years ago, and love my iMac and everything else Apple...with the exception of my Time Capsule, which has been a headache from day one. I am hoping one of you fine users can offer a solution to a persistent problem. Prior to owning the Time Capsule, our home had ATT DSL, and with it came a 2Wire wireless router. We have five pieces of hardware within the house that shared that internet connection, and while I was never satisfied with the speed of the service, all the pieces of hardware had no problems connecting to the Wi-Fi network. The five items are our iMac, a PC, an iPhone 3G, a second generation iPod Touch, and a Wii game console. When I dropped DSL service in lieu of cable internet service, I decided to consolidate my backup and networking strategies and purchased a dual-band, 1 TB Time Capsule. Initially, the iMac, the iPod, and the iPhone had no problems connecting to the Wi-Fi network I created. The PC was a different story, but I worked at it and finally managed to get it connected, essentially by disabling all security to the network, restarting the PC, connecting the PC to the network, and then reenabling security. Once in a while, such as when a power outage is experienced, I must go through this process again, as the PC doesn't seem to like the security settings when initially connecting to the network. The aforementioned Wii console has never been able to connect to the wi-fi connection. My main trouble began about two months ago, when the iPod Touch lost its ability to connect to the home wi-fi network. Two variables occurred around the time when this trouble started, and because my wife does not use the device on a daily basis, I'm not certain which variable ultimately caused the change. The first was the upgrade to Snow Leopard. The second was a brief power outage, after which I had to fiddle with the security settings to once again connect the aforementioned PC to the wi-fi network. Whichever event is at fault, my wife's device has not been able to connect to the home wi-fi network ever since. I know the problem has to be in the network itself, because the iPod has no problem connecting to other wi-fi networks elsewhere. I have tried to troubleshoot this myself since the event, and have sought opinions on the Apple discussion forums, with no success. The network I have set up has a regular and a 5 GHz iteration, and has WPA2 personal security. I must admit I am a novice at best when coming to networking, as I have only been a family man a couple of years and had previously been a one PC/one internet connection household. I guess I sort of expected the Time Capsule to "just work" like other Apple products, and I am baffled that a cheap 2Wire router worked flawlessly and yet I've had such issues with the TC. I can understand having to troubleshoot when it comes to connecting the PC and the Wii, as these are not Apple products, but shouldn't the connection between the Touch and the Time Capsule created network work flawlessly? I apologize for the long post, but I wanted to offer as many details about the issue as possible. Thank you in advance for your time and attention. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Long live the MacCast!
  4. You are correct that the Touch can indeed see the network, but just doesn't seem to connect. I do get the wi-fi symbol in the upper left corner of the Touch screen after selecting the network. When attempting to launch a website from Safari, I sometimes get a never ending gray screen that displays "Connecting...". More recently, after trying to do some configuring, I get the message "Cannot Open Page. The error was : 'Operation could not be completed. Invalid argument.'" When trying to launch Mail, I get the error message "The connection to the server 'mail.mac.com' failed". Thanks for the link. I'm going to give that process a try now and see if it rectifies the situation.