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  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm pretty new to Mac (about 8 months) and I am in the middle of writing a research paper for school. My problem is with Pages specifically. For my paper I have a bunch of front matter (ie Title Page, Table of contents, glossary) and I need to number the pages individually in the header (ie i, ii, iii, iv, ect...). Unfortunately it only allows me to number every other page before reverting previous pages to the next number (ie i, ii, iii, iv, becomes i, iv, vi, iv, vi). On top of that problem I also have to number the pages in my body 1, 2, 3, ect... I tried looking through the tutorials and found the part about opening the inspector and unchecking "use previous header and footer" box, but I still can't make it work the way I need it to. I also tried putting in section breaks and that seems to fix the problem but it makes a full blank page, which won't work. Anyone have any solutions I could try?


    Thanks to everyone in advance. Love the show!




    Edit: Well so far I have figured out how to get rid of the full extra page with a section break. I had the inspector set to start a new page on right page and had to change it to Any Page. Now all thats left is the remaining body pages. Is there a way to have these automatically number? It seems when I try to set it to auto, it goes back to the title page and numbers those as well. So I guess my question now is will I have to continue manual numbering with section breaks for the rest as well?