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    IP address change

    One way to do that would be use a public proxy or anonymizer. You'd just (if you have googled one) follow the instructions (and or just configure the proxy in the Safari or Firefox options).
  2. I have a similar thing on my iMac. I'm still not sure what's causing it, I had the suspicion that it was the bluetooth mouse sitting in the hot-corner for screen blanking. In any case, the solution is to put it to sleep again via keyboard (cmd+alt+eject) or power button. When it wakes up again, the monitor is back ... at least on my machine.
  3. Nlaz

    Serial Terminal app

    I'll try the Keyspan too. I need one for a MacBook and my old cheap PL2303 (using the sourceforge Mac drivers) died, but I wasn't particularly happy with it anyway. Btw, I'm using ZOC Terminal Client for SSH and for Serial connections. It's the only decent program I found which supports both, SSH and Serial connections (I'm using it for SSH work on routers, direct console work and with an Apple modem for some ancient systems). But thanks for again for the Keyspan tip. Nol
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