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    I'm getting sick of the negativity

    I'm really getting sick of all the negativity. On IGN Levi Buchanan (http://wireless.ign.com/articles/107/1079035p1.html) asked if the iPad would be good for gaming, and the people on the message boards are having a fit. If apple said that the iPad was an e-reader would people look at it differently? To get a Kindle DX with the same size screen is only $10 less. I don’t remember people throwing a fit over a $489 e-reader. So what if it is a bigger iPod Touch, I love my IPod Touch. For surfing the web its great, I just wish it had a bigger screen…. Wait thats what the iPad is for. Its not a net book. Its a media consumption device. I think people are looking at it all wrong. Maybe I just drank the cool aid but i don’t see whats the big deal. If you don’t want one don’t buy one. I think it looks to be a great product.
  2. AudioMiller

    Best DVD conversion software

    Handbrake is by far the best but what setting do you all use? I have been playing with different setting and Im trying to get the best quality for TV out.
  3. AudioMiller

    Would you consider purchasing an iPad?

    I think the iPad looks to be a great device but i just got a iPod touch so I don't see one in my future. If you could get collage text books on it I might get one for the wife but time will tell. -Matthew audiomiller.wordpress.com
  4. AudioMiller

    Audiomiller iPod Blog

    https://audiomiller.wordpress.com I just started a blog on what I love about iPods. I hope you like it. As always enjoy the audio.