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    iSight brightness

    i already know of iGlasses, and i understand that it is only 8 dollars, but i find it hard to believe that there's no way to adjust the brightness settings of the isight picture in ichat from within os x. a terminal command or something. also, its not that i'm too cheap to pay 8 dollars for a piece of software that is so simple, but i also do not wish to have iglasses pop up everytime i open ichat, imovie, or quicktime. can anybody help me figure out a way to brighten my picture without paying anythign? thanks.
  2. kashikoh

    ibook audio troubles

    i have the most recent version of the ibook and mine does this occainsionally as well. Fortunately, it seems that every so often, the balance in the sound options (in system preferences) automaticcally slides itself over to the left. At least for me, it was NOT a hardware issue (which is good), every few days i just have to move that slider back to the middle. hope that's what the problem is for everyone else and not a hardware issue, that would be unfortunate.
  3. kashikoh

    Problems Emptying Trash

    unfortunately i have tried each and every one of your suggestions, and i still can't get rid of these folders. the worst part is, there isn't anything even IN the folders...they are just sitting in the trash.
  4. kashikoh

    Problems Emptying Trash

    Running Tiger, i have several files in my trash that will not go away when i try to empty the trash. I am given the message "the file ________ is in use...". However, i know for certain that these files are not in use. I have tried emptying the trash after a fresh reboot. I have also tried the "empty trash" and "secure empty trash" options in the finder menu. As a last resort i tried the "Empty Trash 1.0" applescript program after a google search. Unfortunately, these files will still not go away. What can I do to get rid of these files for good! Thanks. ~alan