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  1. tmack

    iPhone crashes, anyone else?

    I notice that sometimes when I am checking mail, playing a game, or using other apps, the phone will freeze and not let me do anything, then go to the home screen. I have restored and thought that it fixed it, but it still does it. It is not a huge deal, but I guess it is just like any other computer. Maybe it will be better when I get a 3Gs. I still have the 1st gen. Anyone else having these issues? Thanks
  2. I have some stuff on my iCal that I want to sync up with my MobileMe calendar. It seems that it should right? Thanks
  3. I have a Powerbook 12" running Leopard. I want to use it to print over wifi to my Powermac G4 running Tiger. I am using a Netgear router, and it does not have a USB to plug in a printer. I think I should be able to print over wifi using the printer hooked up to my Desktop Mac. I have added the printer on the laptop as an IP printer. It finds it, and adds it, but when I hit print, the printer doesn't get the signal. Thanks
  4. I have been having this issue for awhile now. Ever since the 02/08 security update, my printers haven't worked the same. My all-in-one MP160 works fine now that I have installed CUPS, and Gutenprint, but my i960 photo printer is not so lucky. When I go to add it to my printer list, the driver for that printer is not listed. I have tried using drivers fro similar printers that are listed, but they do not work. I have even downloaded the driver from Canon's website, but it doesn't seem to install where it should because it is nowhere to be found in the driver list. I know i could probably upgrade my Powermac G4 to Leopard, but i don't feel that should have to when the printer worked fine before. This is unacceptable if you ask me. It seems like it is a ploy to get everyone to move to Leopard. Slowly discontinuing support for things, until you finally have no choice. Anyway, sorry about the rant... I just want to print photos again. Thanks Maccast-ers.
  5. I have the 60day trial of MobileMe. I want to end it before the deadline so I don't have to buy it from apple. Amazon sells it for $79, and I would like to buy from them. If I cancel the trial, then purchase a membership from Amazon, can I still use the same Mobile Me account, or do I have to make a new one? Thanks
  6. tmack

    Lacie or OWC for 500GB?

    I want to get a 500GB drive for video, photos, whatever. I have had good luck with Lacie, I have a 250 Porsche drive that is very reliable. I also like OWC's stuff. They have a very comparable HD for $20 cheaper. Both have eSata, Firewire 800/400, and USB 2.0. Any thoughts? I am sure I will be happy with either, but just crowd sourcing the Maccast community for their expertise. Thanks
  7. tmack

    Zero KB Available!!!

    I did the security update on my PowerPC mac running Tiger, and besides disabling printing again, it says that there is zero kb available on my startup disk. I know that there is space on it, because I have recently moved a lot of stuff off of it. It has done this before. A previous update disabled printing, and I had to reinstall CUPS, and a USB driver to get it working again. I did the same thing this time with the printing, and now it works again. The zero KB thing, I don't remember what I did to remedy this. Any help would be great. Thanks
  8. tmack

    iPhone drives iPod crazy

    When I place my iPhone near my 5g iPod while I'm listening to it, it causes the volume to go up and down. Is it the GSM doing it? Like when you place it near speakers? Just curious.
  9. tmack

    AT&T Free Wi-Fi for iPhone Users

    I tried at the one in Horton Plaza in San Diego, and I got the "Mobile Wifi" login page, not the free iPhone one. Patience I guess.
  10. I know how to put Youtube videos on my ipod by going to the activity monitor and double clicking the biggest file and downloading it. Then converting it via isquint. I tried to do that with hulu videos, but it isn't working. Do I need a screen capturing app? Just curious. Thanks
  11. tmack

    iPhone and Public Wifi

    I am sure many of you have had this problem: You are out in public, you glance down at your iPhone, and it asks you if you want to join whatever network. You try it and just when you think you're gonna get free wifi in a public place... "Cannot Connect"! Does anyone have any tips for making the wifi connect in a public place? I have gone to the airport, and was able to be routed to their "License Agreement" page no problem. It connects fine on my home network, but places where I know there is free wifi, nothing. It shows that there is wifi, and gives me the little radio waves icon, but either the gear spins forever, or it just cannot connect. Thanks Maccasters,
  12. tmack

    Anyone else using a G4 as their main Mac? ...

    All I have are G4's! I have a Digital Audio G4 Dual 533, an iBook G4 1.42Ghz, and I jut bought a 12" G4 1Ghz off eBay for about $450. Sure I would love to get one of the new Macs, but I am very content with my G4's. My budget doesn't really allow to get a new Intel Mac, I have not run into anything that is forcing me to upgrade. That is what is great about Macs!
  13. I have a G4 Digital audio Dual 533. I got it right before OSX came out. I have upgraded over the years and am now running 10.4.11 with no problem. I haven't used anything from OS9 or Classic in years. Do I still need to keep it on my hard drive? If I were to get rid of it, how do I do it and what do I keep and what do I throw away? Thanks in advance.
  14. tmack

    Printer prints blank pages!

    Quick update. I just tried it again with a different driver and it worked! I don't know exactly why, but I am not questioning it right now. Thanks again for your help!
  15. tmack

    Printer prints blank pages!

    Well, thanks for all the time and help. I will continue to try everything.