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    Mobile iTunes Library...

    I'm not looking for a mobile iTunes library, I want to be able to take all of the music from my library, my wife's library, my kids library and consolidate it to one iTunes library and store that on an external hard drive. I then want all of us to be able to use this library from within our own account (using Fast User Switching). From what I've read, there's no problem with that until someone adds music to the library. Apparently, the new songs are not automatically seen on everyone elses view of the library until you manual add the music? Do I have that correct? Doesn't make sense to me. Can some one help me with this?
  2. loosegroove

    Which encoder to use with DRM Dumpster

    Thanks joshr. I realize I can't upconvert but if I bring it in at a higher kbps (say 256) then I won't lose at much quality as a lower kbps (like 128). Is that correct?
  3. I am going to use DRM Dumpster to strip the DRM off of my iTunes Store purchased tracks. My question is what is the recommended encoding (AAC, MP3) and settings to get the best quality and reasonable file size? I realize that the iTunes songs are already at 128 kbps and I will lose even more by performing this action (unless I go Lossless) but I would really rather get them in MP3 format and wasn't sure if anyone else had gone through this process and found a good setting. Thanks! -- Bronson
  4. I went to the Console app to view the logs of each of the automated maintenance scripts (daily.out, weekly.out, monthly.out) and I found something strange in the weekly.out file. Since July 18, there is only a single entry for each time this script has run: "No output from the 1 file processed" I also used the program 'Main Menu' to run these maintenance scripts, and when it ran the Weekly script, it returned the following: ---------------------------------------- Rotating psync log files:/etc/weekly.local: line 17: syntax error near unexpected token `)' /etc/weekly.local: line 17: `if [ -f /var/run/syslog.pid ]; then kill -HUP 0 80 79 81 0cat /var/run/syslog.pid | head -1); fi' ---------------------------------------- Do you know what the problem is and how to fix it? I'm afraid that the weekly maintenance script is not running correctly. Please let me know if you need any further information. Thanks! -- Bronson C. Elliott
  5. loosegroove

    College Football Scores via RSS

    How did your widget work?
  6. loosegroove

    College Football Scores via RSS

    I am a big college football fan. I am looking for a way to get all college football scores for the week via an RSS feed. The ones I have found only offer the Top 25 teams. I want all games (for Division 1-A at least). Does anyone know of a feed that offers this? Thanks!
  7. loosegroove

    O'Reilly book bundle

    I have a brand new digital photography book bundle from O'Reilly for sale. I don't really have a use for them so hopefully someone here does. Here are the books in the bundle: * Photoshop Elements 4: The Missing Manual - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0596101589 * Photoshop Fine Art Effects Cookbook - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0596100620 * Photoshop Photo Effects Cookbook - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0596100221 * Photoshop CS2 Raw : Using Adobe Camera Raw, Bridge, and Photoshop to Get the Most Out of Your Digital Camera - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0596008511 * Assembling Panoramic Photos : A Designer's Notebook - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0596009755 * Adobe Photoshop CS2 One-On-One - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0596100965 * Window Seat: The Art of Digital Photography & Creative Thinking - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0596100833
  8. I would suggest the use of Keywords. He could create Keywords that match the names of each Album he has and then tag each photo in that Album with the matching Keyword. And since each photo can have more than one tag, it can handle instances in which a photo belongs to more than one Album. Then in order to see which Album(s) a photo belongs to, simply choose VIEW -> KEYWORDS and then the Keyword each photo belongs to appears below each photo. -- Bronson
  9. loosegroove

    microsoft access

    Yes, the database included with OpenOffice 2 is very Access-like. I was able to open and link to other Access databases. HTH! Good luck.
  10. loosegroove

    Apple Mail and mysterious question marks

    Thank you for your help on this Tim. It's very helpful. Definitely more helpful than anything I was finding on the Apple forums. Very surprising since I usually find a lot of good information over there. Thanks again, Bronson
  11. loosegroove

    Apple Mail and mysterious question marks

    Thanks for the tip. I also read some posts on Apple discussion forums about changing the default message format to UTF-8. There was even a command line entry to load the change into the Mail preference file. Do you think that may solve the problem as well? I agree that making the message type be plain text would probably fix this, but again, my wife uses this for her business and she likes to use formatting and picture inserts to "jazz" up the emails. I know - that's not what email is for but I'm afraid that's the world we live in. Thank you again for the tip. And let me know if you agree with the other posts regarding changing the default message format to UTF-8. -- Bronson
  12. loosegroove

    Address Book entries gone!!

    My wife is having a heck of a day... :shock: She called me in a panic. She was working in her Address Book and now, all of a sudden, all of the entries are gone. There is only an entry for Apple and one for she. The hundreds of other entries she had are gone. Any idea what happened? What can I do to try and retrieve these entries? I have a backup of her home directory that's less than a week old, but if I can recover the entries from the computer that would be ideal. She was working in Address Book for about 2 hours before it lost the data. She was cleaning up entries, adding new ones, creating distribution lists, etc. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. loosegroove

    Apple Mail and mysterious question marks

    Thanks for the reply. In everything I am reading at the Apple forums, it seems to be something related to sending an Apple Mail message using RTF and the receipient using MS Outlook/Outlook Express. I have not been able to reproduce this behavior on my own. I sent myself an email at work using both RTF & plain text. I included single spaces, double spaces, triple spaces, multiple paragraph breaks of various lines, etc. At work I use MS Outlook XP on a Windows PC and everything came through fine. There is a specific "ingredience" of conditions on when it happens and I haven't narrowed it down yet. Just hoping someone else knew a little more about this problem.
  14. My wife uses Apple Mail that's included with 10.4.4. Some people she sends emails to have noticed that there are some extra question marks inserted into her messages that she did not type. I've looked around the Apple disussion forums regarding this and I find some mentions of it but not much information regarding why this is happening and how to fix it. I've read things like it happens when you have 2 spaces after a period. For example: would resolve to Note the inserted question mark. It also seems to happen in between paragraph breaks. For example: would resolve to This is extremely annoying. My wife uses email to communicate with her customers and this makes for an unprofessional looking email. Any help is appreciated. Bronson
  15. loosegroove

    WHat email client do you use?

    I'm using GyazMail. http://www.gyazsquare.com/gyazmail/