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  1. ugh. this was driving me to Windows. every time I opened System Preferences the iClod panel appeared first. I had to click the Show All icon or the Back button to see Notwork or Printers. looking around in the window and menus I found no clue how to fix this. but I did learn some nifty Preferences feature like SORT and TURN on/OFF. turns out iClod was wanting attention about Two Factor Authentication. like a little bird it was demanding. I turned TWO steps to OFF. and now my preference behave like I expect them.
  2. johnfoster

    TV OS 13 Bricked 4K Apple TV

    in following up on the BRiCK aTV… the boys at FruitCo really dropped the ball on this one. who wants to CLASS ACTiON them for arrogance?
  3. somebody asked this question on Quora. the answer is relevant for here too… --------- repairability. the battery, keyboard, SSD, and display should be easy to replace. some kind of moisture barrier on the main board. WATER DAMAGE should not be an excuse for denying a repair. abusive water damage where you sink the whole thing in a lake, yes. but when I used my MBP normally… fix it. lose the Touch Bar. admit it FruitCo, this is stupid. headphone jack. yes please. thicker case for dealing with heat and allowing a bigger battery. speaking of battery, STOP gluing it inside you idiots. keyboard that does not suck. use the one on the 2015. how about M.2 SSD. and another M.2 slot. because the not so thin case allows it. an actual PRO version that has a color certified display. you know for photography and other color intensive work. and a not so pro version that has a lot of pixels. you know for writers and programmers and artists who draw. ALL THE RAM!
  4. johnfoster

    TV OS 13 Bricked 4K Apple TV

    the iFixit thread has some suggestions. https://tinyurl.com/y2b8ksdj
  5. johnfoster

    Happy Birthday, Adam!!

    today marks another successful trip around the SUN!
  6. johnfoster

    stupid App Store bug

    after repairing a MacBook Air to working I erased the SSD then installed macOS 12 aka OS X 10.12.6. next I wanted to install OneNote and some other "app store" only apps. clicking Install brings up the message, "An unexpected error occurred while signing in. Your device or computer could not be verified. Conact support for assistance." so I searched on that message only to find this bug has persisted for 5 version of OS X. and I was not able to find a solution to signing in to download tools. this is beyond frustrating. I mean, if I cannot find an answer then it must not exist. anyone know of a solution other than switching to some other frustrating computer tool?
  7. pay the WiFi fee. $240 to keep your business running seems cheap.
  8. put the tablet away. enjoy the cruise.
  9. make sure there is enough space on the disk you are trying to upgrade. a completely full disk will prevent it from working. the hard drive itself may be bad -- errors on tracks or sectors due to age. use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy it to a new SSD then do the upgrade on the new drive.
  10. nice to see that the display failed gracefully instead of just not working. I am asked about old hardware all the time. "will this new thing work with my old thing?" sometimes yes. usually not. I do not guess anymore. looking up the specs before ordering away saves everyone time and money. "everymac" keeps the score better than Fruitco. here is their list of the Mac Mini. https://everymac.com/systems/apple/mac_mini/index-macmini.html
  11. johnfoster

    Applescript Utility in Mojave?

    on Mohave AppleScript was largely removed. even the AppleScript Editor was renamed to Script Editor. https://support.apple.com/guide/script-editor/welcome/mac some of the functions of AS Utility were dropped into that app. for example the add to Menu feature. http://www.twdesigns.com/how_to/how_to_reveal_applescript_menu.php
  12. johnfoster

    Switch HD formatting from Case Sensitive to Case Insensitive

    make a DMG that is CaSEinSentiveE with Disk Utility then have that image automatically mount after a reboot. make the size of it 200M bigger than OneDrive so it does not hang from being out of space (guessing on this). finally point the OneDrive app to the DMG. https://support.apple.com/guide/disk-utility/create-a-disk-image-dskutl11888/mac
  13. where is the Mac that has a slot for an “off the shelf” GPU, RAM slots for 128 gee bees of RAM, and 3.5” drive bays? the Mac that I want is for me, the media professional. I do not care what the case looks like, I do not want it to be small, I want the flexibility where I am not depending on the vendor for specific parts or configurations. if you open a Dell catalog, yes they are so old school that mailers come once every 6 weeks, you get a sense of what a REAL computer company offers. a solution for every part of my business. on top of that the pricing is such that I never stop to consider something like, “can I build this for less?” then look at HP or Lenovo. all three of these companies are selling solutions across the board from cheap as possible to iron horse to worker bee. the Mac Mini is a joke at so many levels. one of them is the cooling of that design. the boards are stacked in a way that fan if the fan fails the Mac will stop working. the built in power supply does not help the design either. the inside is very fragile as proven by the 2012 version. removing the hard drive cable or the requirement to disconnect the fan from a tiny connector that can easily break even in the hands of a skilled upgrader means that FruitCo only pretended to make the box upgradable. had the 2018 Mac returned to a more traditional case cooling would not be such an issue. and there could be more CPU options across the line. and a possibility of a real GPU. speaking of GPU…why is it that the only Macs that have GPUs are 2X the price? I feel like there is an agenda to push Turdbolt at any cost. with the idea you will bolt on a GPU box when you need the power. or pay extra for a external hard drive because of the Apple Tax. FruitCo really needs to do customer surveys. or maybe they do and the company just does not care about the creative professional market. sigh.
  14. johnfoster

    Contact Syncing on Mac

    searching on "office365 Mac contact sync" shows a lot of "I need help too!" which seems odd that it does not just work given how well the MS ecosystem syncs. I was completely impressed by how well it worked when I used a Windows Phone and Windows 1o. I really did not care if it made it to a Mac but with that thing called OneSync or maybe it was called SyncOne oh wait OneDrive photos and documents were right there. anyway, I looked. seems like there is no easy answer to point you toward.
  15. johnfoster

    Contact Syncing on Mac

    this thing called "FullContact" seems to solve this problem. and evidently it is a problem because a tool like this exists.