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  1. Disk Permissions won't repair

    it is just somewhere around $200 to replace the whole thing…
  2. Disk Permissions won't repair

    yes. putting an SSD in a Mac of any age makes it into a different Mac. the boot up time will got from minutes to undo 20 seconds. every time I had a employee complain about a slow Mac then demanding a new one I put a SSD in the what they had. and every time the bitching about slow stopped.
  3. Mac Pro 1,1 Hardware Test?

    if I was committed to Pro Tools for making money I would get a running rig and then NEVER change or upgrade it. there is not that much advantage in new hardware considering the cost to move to current. the idea is that I want the center of the studio to just work. turn it on, capture audio, mix it, or send the capture to someplace else that needs the file. it does not need to surf the web, it does not need to get an OS update ever again, and who cares if it doesn’t 64 bit. last I checked audio does not care. and never will. the only thing it has to run is Pro Tools. I looked on craigslist. there are many 1,1 Mac Pro machines listed selling for a few hundred dollars! run it with a Digi 003 from the same era. although that part of the hardware will cost 4X more. but look what you get compared to other stuff from today for the same money. you could watch for deals picking up a spare(s) for the future to keep it running for a decade.
  4. Disk Permissions won't repair

    the hard drive is done. replace it with a new SSD. this will make that Mac new again.
  5. Mac Pro 1,1 Hardware Test?

    what are you wanting the "hardware test" to reveal? maybe you are using it to as a pre-sales tool to verify "all is working." otherwise, if it boots then all is well. and if it does not turn on the problem is likely the power supply. the 1,1 2006-2007 Mac Pro boxes are very inexpensive to replace via the used market. but even with the hacked EFI loaders the life of decade old mac is waning. granted, a tricked out OCTO will outperform a brand new i7 Mac Mini for half the cost. and you can chose your GPU to make Premiere Pro glow. literally, as the box uses 600W of power!
  6. iMovie for iOS: Projects not in iTunes Backup?

    https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207428 the way that reads to me is that the back up is not really a backup. more like a "backup of the things that 94% of l)users have complained about losing so we back that up unless they keep saying no for some reason."
  7. Mac Pro 1,1 Hardware Test?

    AHT might not be installed: https://github.com/upekkha/AppleHardwareTest
  8. Mac Pro 1,1 Hardware Test?

    Option D maybe. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201257
  9. Convincing employer to introduce Macs at work

    I broke up a very long thread that I wrote to make specific points about Macs being a better ROI not so much. if it is YOUR money to spend then you watch over how and what that money is spent on. I would rather have employees have better a chair, mouse, and keyboards then to spend it on CPUs that they will lose, spill water on, or intentionally break because they want a new box.
  10. Convincing employer to introduce Macs at work

    Malware. draconian IT rules about using company computers is a must. such as, "don’t surf PRoN on this machine.” it also means that users are Users not Admins. they cannot add or delete apps in their day to day unless they are a Developer who usually always know better. as email is the most used vector my company email server is aggressive about SPAM. and my work policies about employees using their address are specific. no, I cannot stop them from doing stupid but I can point to policy when a computer gets PWND. and then say, "told you I did. don't do it again!"
  11. Convincing employer to introduce Macs at work

    group writing with Word on Windows works. it just does not work the same way on the Mac version. if I ever have to work with a client who has a document that links into an Excel spreadsheet the only way to work on that is in Windows if the document lives there. otherwise there is a 100% chance that all the links will be broken when the document returns to them.when there is a properly set up server binding a bunch of Windows machines together on a network that is marvelous as well. Server on a Mac has been ignored for too long. using it always felt like a second step child compared to other Mac software. why is Time Machine to a network drive is a joke to this day? the solution to the suck? putting hard drives on employees desks then reminding them to plug in once in a while to maintain a current image. except those drives ALWAYS got used for everything else. and not used for back ups.
  12. Convincing employer to introduce Macs at work

    batteries are a problem on new Fruit Co products. I replaced a battery in a MacBook Air that was half glued in. if you have a iPad with a dying battery good luck. hopefully you bought AppleCare. but nobody does that for iPads.
  13. Convincing employer to introduce Macs at work

    one of the problems that I had with “artists” is that if I put an iMac in front of them they bitched because it was not “pro” enough. put a Macbook Pro there with a 24” screen on the side that frankly was less powerful but they were happier because of the airquotes pro in the name. mind set. ugh. perception. if I built a box from parts specifically with that artist in mind then I’m not only a hero in that person’s mind but I’m spending a lot less money. and I get to pick the GPU! which is important because Adobe supports significantly more GPUs on Windows compared to Macs. if After Effects, Premiere, and Photoshop are your tools you will find more performance there compared to Macs. on a Mac you have to edit the .plist to enable unsupported cards. but you need to check what does work before purchasing one. oh wait, to run a modern GPU in a Mac means you are buying a 4 year old Mac Pro that costs <$1500 used or you are buying an un-upgradeable “trash can” Mac for even more. granted that old Mac is still breaking records in the Price / Performance curve compared to a say a same cost Mac Mini or most priced MBP but that isn’t a surprise when you have 12 cores compared to 4. software costs are identical. compare this to that. there is not difference in Adobe software. or Microsoft. Affinity. support in general for Macs is mostly miss these days. in reading the discussion forum provided by Apple 90% of the posts are “me too, I have that problem. how do you solve it? help me!” it’s maddening. “have you tried zapping the PRAM?” that never works. “did you rebuild the permissions?” that never works. “did you…” Window 10 support seems to be moderated better. last year when upgrading several machines I had one that was stuck. a search revealed my problem without a lengthy “me too…” the post read, “disconnect the second hard drive temporarily. you can use the BIOS or remove it or the cable. and reinstall.” success! which seemed stupid that an installer could not deal. but whatever, I had an answer and a working machine 34 minutes later.
  14. Convincing employer to introduce Macs at work

    to follow up on my “training is key” comment, I filled out the rest of my thought. long ago my business was largely run by Macs. with the exception of the accounting computers. those have always been Windows because accounting software on a Mac sucks. all of the “money” people I have ever worked with used Windows. so QuickBooks running on Windows saved a ton time in a decade. the biggest problem there was getting Windows to print to a network printer. but that was solved by getting a better printer. the TCO of Macs being cheaper is now a myth. there was a time, a very long time ago, when I could make a case for TCO for Macs being a better proposition. but that has equalized. Windows based computers are much cheaper. they are more repairable. and there are machines that are made with supporting a group of people more easily. like being about to swap a hard drive from a borked to a working machine by undoing a single screw. repair costs for Macs are dramatically more compared to more generic hardware. replacing a borked MacBook Pro screen out of warrantee using Apple as the service can cost between $500 - $900 depending on the Mac and it’s age. remember that new MacBooks are unrepairable by anyone except Apple. read iFixit for the details about that. this means that AppleCare is a requirement for any MacBook purchase which adds $250-$350 to the cost of each Mac. there are perfectly workable computers that sell for what AppleCare costs. meaning when an employee breaks, loses, gets stolen, or pours a glass of water on the replacement cost is not going to break the bank. that Macbook Pro all decked out will fund EIGHT of those machines. one versus eight. I will take eight. or spending a little more money gets a better machine. especially if you forgo laptops for desktops. it is pretty amazing what $600-800 will buy.
  15. upgrading a 24” iMac to an SSD

    a "screw grabber" solves this. there are several variations: metal clip, plastic trap, or rubber tube. if I did iMac repair / upgrade more often I would have something like this. but at 8:40 PM it was too late to Lüber to there and back to get one. thus the tape. https://www.solidsmack.com/design/screw-grabber-grips-screw-kills-frustration/