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  1. johnfoster

    Contact Syncing on Mac

    searching on "office365 Mac contact sync" shows a lot of "I need help too!" which seems odd that it does not just work given how well the MS ecosystem syncs. I was completely impressed by how well it worked when I used a Windows Phone and Windows 1o. I really did not care if it made it to a Mac but with that thing called OneSync or maybe it was called SyncOne oh wait OneDrive photos and documents were right there. anyway, I looked. seems like there is no easy answer to point you toward.
  2. johnfoster

    Contact Syncing on Mac

    this thing called "FullContact" seems to solve this problem. and evidently it is a problem because a tool like this exists.
  3. johnfoster

    Memory upgrade

    strange sense of Deja Vu all over again. I thought I just wrote an answer for this.
  4. johnfoster

    Little Macbook Pro that Could...

    verifying… yes. according the memory sellers the 2011 MBP will support 16GB of RAM. if you are upgrading then spend the little extra money for more. remember, more is more. there is a benefit to a point and after that there is not much help from the more is more feature. Photoshop, for example, does not get better above 2GB. at least for the stuff I do. so I clamp it at that so the rest of my tools do not get RAM starved. the default setting for PS is to gobble up 80%. and as long as you are spending money on upgrades get a 500GB SSD. this is like getting a new Mac. boot speed will drop from over a minutes to around 20 seconds. put the old spinny hard drive in an optical bay sled (yes remove the burner as you never use it anymore or is broken) for extra storage. and it helps with the transfer of all you stuff to the new SDD using CCC. optional optical drive sled. search eBay for "Universal Optical bay 2nd HDD Hard Drive Caddy":
  5. johnfoster

    streaming iphone to tv without apple tv

    I have used all the "stream to TV" things: Chromecast, Mi Box, AppleTV, FireTV. what I found was mixed results. the ATV worked really well with the iPhone and not so well with Android. while the Chromecast worked really well with Android but mixed with an iPhone. this was not a surprise. thus the presentation display for demos at my office had both making it easy for anything to display. it really is/was too bad that FruitCo did not make a "businessTV" given how easy it was to connect a Mac to it. I would not buy a new AppleTV as the 2nd gen will work as well as the newest version. look on eBay or Craiglist where you will find one for about $5o. by comparison a new Chromecast costs less than that. or spend a little more money to get a Mi Box. it has the Chromecast feature built into it as well as all the other things it does. this Macworld article describes the experience you can expect with the Chromecast.
  6. johnfoster

    Alternative to Circus Ponis Notebook

    I have like for Microsoft OneNote. although for some stupid reason the "app" version has stopped being developed. so I recommend it with one hand behind my back with fingers crossed because I am okay with no more new features as the OneNote does everything I need it to do. ON has replaced all my TXT files like TADO.txt, what.txt, passwords.txt and projects.txt. it was a mess to keep all this up to date and sync'd between the machines. in the case of servers that I keep track of, every time I get a new login/password and details I take it out of the email or TXT then log it into the SERVERS panel of OneN. then, without thinking about it that goes to all the places I might have to log in to do work or rescue or make reboot happen. I looked at BEAR and Things and other online only note tools. nice features. but the deal breaker for all of them was I needed notes on four platforms not just Mac.
  7. as this question is "locked" here is the answer. seems simple enough to do. although I would never have guessed the one two three… steps. here is the link: https://lifehacker.com/5971326/move-your-itunes-library-to-another-hard-drive-in-three-simple-steps you will have to do this for each "user account" on the Mac as iTunes does share tunes in a common directory.
  8. johnfoster

    Pitfalls of buying a modem/router in haste...

    here is a visual of the three ways I described above.
  9. johnfoster

    Pitfalls of buying a modem/router in haste...

    networks are not PC or Mac specific. so you do not need a “mac” solution. it is weird that the ASUS needed a specific Windows disc to return it to zero. I have ASUS routers around me and I cannot think of when re-flashing it required using Windows. usually the “plug it in while holding down the RESET button” is enough to return it to zero. I am a fan of splitting up functions to specific devices. while it makes it look more complicated you have far more control and in the long run it simplifies taking care of the network. look for a dumb as rocks DSL modem. it does not have to support DHCP. it just needs to connect to the service provider. by making the connection the only function here you get a lot more choices for the how the rest of you network works. and you are not paying for more expensive an all-in-one box that you might have to replace if part of it fails. buy used on eBay. or there are a few modems you can get new. look for a link below. the DSL modem has just one ethernet port which you will connect to the WAN port of your router. there are many router possibilities. my choice is something that I can flash to run DD-WRT, Open-WRT, Tomato (which only supports old routers), or one of the other OSS projects. the idea is to get out of stock vendor provided to get better security and updates. as wireless routers tend to fail my preference is for cheaper, lessor known brands. TP-Link is flashable. the ASUS routers support OSS firmware. and the D-LiNK… which can be updated from your Mac have consisted releases. Linksys, which makes pretty boxes, are about 2X the cost by comparison. finally, for my devices that are not connected via wireless there is a Gigabit Switch or switches where all this plugs in. the desktops, printers, file server, camera, PLEX… if I hooked it all up to the router I would run out of ports. plug this into that and tada… more than enough! the last upgrade I did for my home network was to install a Edgerouter X. what an improvement this was. the old router could not keep up connection, it needed to be rebooted often, and it seemed to… flashing it to a newer version helped. the new little router is amazing by comparison. as of today it has been up for 2 months, 3 weeks, and this many hours. this makes it trouble free as far as day to day use goes. the Wireless router is now in dumb access point mode meaning it never gets pinged or hit or attacked anymore. it has not failed either. and the Arris cable modem being dumb as rocks means that Comcast / Xfinity cannot weird it into doing anything else. I like my network again. you could do a similar thing. here are the parts I mentioned: good enough switch https://amzn.to/2twF08U gigabit router that you can flash with anything https://amzn.to/2yNOpPt dumb as rocks DSL modem https://amzn.to/2tA1yFQ Edge router X https://amzn.to/2tA1yFQ
  10. johnfoster

    "New" Airport Time Capsule

    with the Time Capsule and Airport Tiny officially Steve'd, FruitCo has ZERO networking products in the line up. no server, no storage, no router, nothing. evidently network things require a very high amount of support from customers. which is why I suspect the line(s) were discontinued. if networks were easy these product like these would still be in available.
  11. johnfoster

    Upgrading 2011 MacBook Pro

    why is the simlink to the /applications folder on the HD outdated? two reasons. one is that when I wrote the SSD swap the storage was tiny and expensive. there simply was not room on a 32 or 64 gee bee “disk” for everything I was using. it really was just a boot disk for me. and in my day to day use I found that the benefits of a small SDD made the slight slowdown of having apps on the other disk almost unnoticeable. today, the SSD you want starts at 240 gee bees with a cost of under a hundred bucks. although you can get smaller 120s for $40. why subject yourself to smaller? unless your budget needs to be stretched to upgrade multiple machines buy the biggest thing you can afford. then you can put all your apps on the SSD to get the added benefit of that as well. and with no need to manage the where apps live, just install away. finally, always practice backup. get back blaze, another hard drive, or a NAS. put your important stuff another place.
  12. johnfoster

    Upgrading 2011 MacBook Pro

    the symlink link I wrote is outdated. there is a UI in the User & Groups that works better. Right Click on the name you will see an Advance Options… that gives you all the options that other thing did with a click.
  13. johnfoster

    Upgrading 2011 MacBook Pro

    put the SSD in place of the old HD. put the HD in the sled.
  14. johnfoster

    take-a-part roboto misses the future

    https://www.apple.com/shop/trade-in interesting that the initiative is dis-assembly. if it was my problem / program to solve I would have made the story about repair and re-use. and making a promise to future devices for longevity. at some point the iThing can become lots of other specific things. like a remote control. or a Siri Station. or gasp, a music player. using a iThing for a specific task has to be better for brand awareness then tossing it to a take-it-a-part roboto. un-building is the wrong message.
  15. if you do not want to drive, use the "send me a box" repair using the "chat" as found on support.apple.com I used this for the last repair of the now otherwise unrepairable MacBook. it took 15 minutes. and the box showed up the next day. and two days after that the Mac was back in perfect working condition. NO DRIVING! make sure your ADDRESS for your appleID is correct. you should also have the repair TAG from the last ready, although your Mac will be in there already. ---- as for how this got borked? it happens. anytime you touch 'lectronics there is a possibility for frying a part because of static. although this is really RARE in a repair center. so either a rookie tech did the repair or whomever did it was in a hurry deciding to cut a procedure for convenience to them. experience does this. what could have happened? sweat ball fell on that particular part. corrosion eventually took over. it does not take much. static took out the tiny capacitor or resistor that controls that sensor. the cable is not hooked up or is damaged. some other damage