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  1. Calum

    Webpages / "Dynamic" Content in Keynote?

    Sounds like you could probably use something like Status Board... but unfortunately that's only for iOS :/
  2. Calum

    An old lost os 8 game called "unprovoked"

    If you're running an emulator, the original is available via the Wayback Machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20011004052006/http://www.corticsoft.com/downloads/unprovoked.sit.bin as discussed here: http://macintoshgarden.org/forum/unprovoked-and-glyder
  3. Google Drive and Dropbox can both selectively sync only the folders you tell them to on any given desktop machine... e.g. I back up my Android phones to my Google Drive, but those backups never appear on my Mac when my Drive is synced with that, though I can access them from the Drive web app if I need to to. I've never used selective sync in Dropbox but I assume it works similarly.
  4. Calum

    Going back to Mavericks

    Here's a Macworld article on how to go back to Mavericks. You're not the only one, I've heard a few people complain that, for the first few hours at least (while it's indexing and who knows what else), Yosemite is a bit of a dog on their machines. Might be worth persevering for a day or two to see if it improves, though your case sounds more extreme than any I've heard so far.
  5. Calum

    archived videos are empty!

    Have to admit this doesn't sound good, but just to be sure... I take it you didn't just use iPhoto Library Manager to move the photos and videos to an external drive? If not, how did you zip the files, and how are you unzipping them again? It's a little odd that you'd see the first frame of the video in iPhoto if the file was zero-length... though I suppose iPhoto possibly still has a copy of the thumbnail it generated when you first imported the video, then re-associated that thumbnail when you re-imported the (now seemingly damaged) video. Also a little unsure about what you mean by "QuickTime opens up and converts the video". Assuming this means the video still doesn't play, what indication are you seeing that QuickTime is trying to "convert" anything? What format were the videos originally in? (I know this probably isn't the best time to mention it, but for future reference, there actually isn't really any advantage in zipping photos and videos -- most photo and video formats are already well compressed, so you're not really going to save any space, and there's always very small risk of something going wrong when zipping or unzipping. Though that is a very rare occurrence indeed, especially if you're using the very same application to unzip that you used to zip.)
  6. Same way you open a .dmg from an unidentified developer should work: right click it and select "Open". You'll be asked for confirmation, but it should then open fine.
  7. Calum

    Mavericks Install

    You can't change where it downloads to, or that the installer will run straight away. But that shouldn't be a problem, the installer app doesn't automatically upgrade anything when it runs. It won't do anything without multiple confirmations first, so you can just quit the installer while it's on the 'pick a disk to install to' screen, then move or copy it out of the Applications folder to anywhere you like that's accessible to the partition you do want to upgrade. When you run it, the installer will let you upgrade any eligible volume that it detects, so you may not even need to move or copy it if it detects both your Snow Leopard partition and your soon-to-be-Mavericks partition. But I'd recommend doing so anyway, as otherwise the installer will delete itself from the Applications folder when the upgrade is complete, and you'll have to download it again if you need it in future. As an additional contingency, you might consider creating a bootable Mavericks USB thumb drive from the installer app, for future use -- there's a free (actually donationware) app called Diskmaker X for doing this.
  8. Calum

    The age-old outgoing mail font problem

    Then frankly, they're just making excuses—they could use Thunderbird, or even Outlook, on the Mac instead if it bothered them that much
  9. Calum

    what if the iWatch is a red herring?

    I'm not convinced about the usefulness of a smart watch either, but I certainly wouldn't be without a wristwatch for telling the time. The frequently-heard claim that nobody wants to wear them any more because "we all carry phones now" seems ridiculous to me—digging a phone out of a bag/purse/pocket/wherever and pressing at least one button to see the time is considerably more hassle than simply glancing at your wrist.
  10. Calum

    Delete Admin Accounts 10.6.8

    Are you definitely logged out of the other admin account (the one you're trying to delete)? You won't be able to delete or convert it until you are.
  11. Calum

    Which RSS Reader are you going to?

    Frankly I think it's too early to tell what's going to be any good… I haven't really liked any of the alternatives I've tried so far (Feedly, Digg, AOL, OldReader, NewsBlur), but I'm sure some of them will improve once the initial rush is over. For now I'm just going to stick to reading on a single device, my Mac, with either Vienna or NetNewsWire v3.3 (I don't like how v4 is shaping up...)
  12. Calum

    Additional monitor resolution

    And yes, a mid-2010 MBP will drive an external display 1920x1080 over DVI at its native resolution with no squashing. That's the exact setup I have, though my display *is* a dedicated monitor, not a TV.
  13. Calum

    Is RSS going away?

    Does Facebook still support subscribing to RSS feeds? I thought they'd scrapped that capability. Google are shutting down Google Reader simply because it wasn't making them enough money. It's harder to say why Apple removed the RSS features from Mail and Safari, but I suspect it was just over-complicating the code in those applications for the comparative few who used it. (Personally, as I prefer to use third-party RSS readers, the only feature Apple removed that I miss is the RSS menu in Safari that alerted you to feeds on a page, but I wrote my own extension to do that instead.) If you want to keep your RSS feeds in sync between multiple devices as I do (or at worst read them on a website), there's probably going to be a bit of hiatus until a good successor to Google Reader emerges. There are already several contenders, like Feedly, CommaFeed and NewsBlur, but none of them are really doing it for me personally as yet. Until then, you might find it best just to pick a good RSS reader app on one of your devices and stick to reading your feeds on that… I suspect that's what I'll be doing.
  14. Calum

    Would You (DVD Labels...)

    It's absolutely possible to print your own DVD labels, and as noted above there is lots of good Mac software available for designing and printing labels. However, it's not necessarily a good idea. Memorex, for example, recommend against paper labels because "the expansion and contraction of moisture in the paper and the accumulation of heat in a DVD drive can alter the flatness of a disc enough that it falls out of the tilt specification and may not be able to be read". Self-applied paper labels also have a habit of becoming slightly unstuck at the edges after a couple of years, which can result in the label catching on the edge of the slot when you're ejecting the disc. If you're unlucky (as I have been, more than once), it'll get caught before the disc makes it out, and it'll be stuck in the drive. If you can lay your hands on a printer that supports them, inkjet-printable DVDs (which have a matte white surface on one side) or LightScribe-able DVDs are much preferable in terms of disc longevity.
  15. Calum

    Clip from "jOBS"

    5. Woz has already said this scene is "totally wrong"