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  1. Greetings, Could anyone suggest [any] possible way to keep a Macbook Pro 2011 charged on a long road trip? I'd like it to charge fairly easily and without any overheating to the battery. Things to Keep in Mind: Macbook has about 620 cycles [about 3 years in cycle charges...] OS X Lion 10.7.5 & a version of Microsoft Office 2011... Possible access to a lighter-based "outlet"… Thank you for any and all help, Garvice2010
  2. Dear Forum Family, My mom has been working with a new iPad 2, and occasionally the mail within the inbox goes missing. As a way to offer more information, she works as a teacher. So, she has configured her e-mail to her school's entourage account. (So, it's not a, hotmail, or gmail email account.) So, I guess my question is: how do I find the missing mail? Overall, my umbrella question is: is there a way to reset the email--in order for her to see all of the missing e-mails at the same time? Thank you for your time, Garvice2010
  3. Uber Apple Geek, Your suggestion did the trick. Luckily for me, I discovered the "Disable Images" under Safari's Develop column...(Shortly, after I posted this panic-mode help question.) Thank you so much --Heart Attack averted.
  4. Hi Everyone, I was curious as I messed around on my computer today.. I believe I messed with Safari Preferences and/or Java...because now the images won't load as I'm going to various webpages. They look like blank squares and/or no logos. "Google" looks funny and I'm certain "Facebook" will too. This isn't affecting the way images load on Camino--just Safari--but I still haven't figured out what I did. Especially, to limit images and logos on websites. Please help. Garvice 2010
  5. Hi Everyone, I should be receiving some dvds soon with hand-written labels. Is it possible, or even worth the time, to make your own dvd labels? I've been looking at some that you can order online. I also know you can use software. My MS Word for Macbook Pro has templates.Personally, (I wouldn't know if these labels can be printed or if it affects dvd playback within the Macbook Pro.) Please share your thoughts and opinions. Warmest Regards, Garvice2010
  6. Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you know that I decided this one: Workforce WF 3520. It works very, very well. It's my Goliath printer.
  7. I finally got up the courage to buy a region 3 drama over the holiday. I bought the one featured here: When it was on sale for $96.00. It's still too much money. However, I'm watching each episode just fine on my Macbook Pro. (Via the VLC player.)
  8. Hi Everyone, I have another question this new year (2013.) My printer, an old Hp (when they still came out in white and grey) seems to be dying. It keeps saying that I have a Cartridge Jam. The cartridges seems to fine and there is no paper or anything else jammed inside. I've had it since 2009. So, I do give the printer applause for lasting this long! ❤❤❤ That said, if it doesn't randomly start working soon. Can anyone recommend the best printer that will work for the following Apple Products: Mac Mini (Running Mountain Lion) Macbook Pro (running Lion) Macbook (it's the little white laptop) iPad 2 iPhone 4 I'm looking for the best printer, which is wireless enabled. (In other words, we could print directly from the Macbook/Pro) It would also be great--if this printer had a color option. (The ability to print quality, color photos from google images and those taken with the iPhone 4.) I've considered this: However, it has some mixed reviews. If there's a better Hp or Epson out there, please let me know. (Even if it cost more) Also, I believe my family will be satisfied...if this printer could print wirelessly just from the laptops. (Not necessarily the Mac mini, the iPhones, and the iPad 2. Thank you so much for time, Garvice2010
  9. Hi Everyone, So, this is what happened: I decided it wouldn't be smart to drop $100.00 on a dvd set. So, I decided to buy this: It's a region 3 independent film--with the English translation of the title "Come, Closer."It arrived via eBay (from a video store in South Korea) and it played on my Macbook using the VLC player. So, if there's ever any doubt that at least some regions (outside of region 1) will play on your MacBook Pro... It worked for me.
  10. Hi Everyone, I didn't want you guys to think that I forgot about this this thread. I'm still watching my (Region 1) releases of South Korean dramas. I have yet to buy any region 3 releases because I keep hearing that, given it's overall popularity, it will most likely have a region 1 release in the future. It's very hard to say for sure, and I'm still fairly new to Korean dramas in general...So, at least for now, I'm willing to wait. If I want to watch it again so bad, I'll watch it here: With Regards, Garvice2010 P.S. Using the VCL player, I've been teaching myself how to take screen caps. It's pretty easy. Also, I been debating about whether to start a blog. (Where I'd write about shows/movies and use screen cap pictures) but that's a still a long way off. There are a lot of blogs and there are people who have more expertise than me.
  11. Hello Everyone, First, I want to thank Huskermn, Apple Geek, and johfoster for the quick replies to this topic. I decided to give the VCL player another shot. (I've tried downloading it before, but never managed to get it to work.) This time around, I followed the directions as suggested, and I was able to play a Region 1 dvd just fine. To be honest, I don't currently own anything other than region 1 releases. However, I been watching Korean dramas online for a long time and own approximately 9, which are the region 1 (US/Canada) release. I'd really like to buy this: http://www.yesasia.c...-0-en/info.html It's one of my favorites, but I'm worried...between the price and the English Subtitle quality...I may have to wait until I know if/or when they might release it it for Region 1. So, if I take the plunge....I'll be sure to report back. Garvice2010 P.S. "The Commitments" is an Irish movie, right?
  12. Hello Everyone, I have another question. Is it safe or even possible to change a Macbook Pro, which naturally holds Region 1 dvd encoding....Into a Region 0 or Region Free dvd player? By "safe" I mean---will it do harm to one's Macbook? I'm beyond my year warranty, and I didn't purchase the additional Apple Care plan this time. (I typically do, but I didn't have the extra money. ) Anyway, if anyone can help shed some light on this matter.... I'd be very grateful (even if it's just completely against the idea.) Kind Regards, Garvice2010 P.S. If it is possible and not harmful, please post directions or a link to clear directions.
  13. Hello MacCast Forum, Basically, I learned that the Hp PC I was using didn't have an internal web cam. I don't know why it took me so long to figure that out. Anyway, since the Skype conversation was important. I decided to update the version of Skype on my old Mac (a white Macbook). So, this would allow one of the primary computers used in the Skype discussion and an unknown PC. Needless to say, it worked out in the end. I just couldn't use the same computers. Take Care Mac Users, Garvice2010
  14. Thanks! I think that I've discovered what the problem's been Thank you again.
  15. Hello MacCast Users, I'm writing this community to ask a question about Skype. I'm trying to use Skype in order to make a video call between an Hp PC and a Macbook Pro. Am I missing something? When I tried to use Skype, I could see myself on the Macbook Pro, but I couldn't see the other person. Likewise, the person on the PC could see me, but since I couldn't them. Therefore, we couldn't communicate. Now, I'm pretty sure that the Hp has an internal camera (similar to the iSight/FaceTime). Is this a Macbook versus PC issue? Or is it a Skype issue? Those of you who regularly use Skype--I could really use some help with this issue. Even if you regularly use Macbooks and PCs together, please offer a suggestion or two. With Regards, Garvice2010 P.S. I'll update this as soon as I can get more details regarding the specific Hp PC model.