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  1. @MacCastYeah, totally vague. We can only assume. Yeah, I think if it were me I would give it a go too, as I would think there must be something that needs to be fixed or changed because it's going so slow. I assume your upload speed is great since you do many Skype podcasts. Or you can wait a week or so and then do repair Library it needed. I guess might as well wait since it's almost done
  2. I also posted another reply above this one https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204967 perhaps this answers your question maybe If you repair a library that's automatically updated with iCloud Photo Library, the entire contents of the library will re-update with iCloud after the repair process completes. seems like this would be a good thing to do but hopefully will not take months If it appears to be stuck again the next day than a restart usually gets it started again maybe a repair isn't necessary but wouldn't hurt to do it and it will start a re-update, reindex, sync, compare whatever you want to call it and that may be why the issue happened because it didn't get a chance to do it perhaps because photos was quit and maybe the reupdate didn't finish although if you do this it's back to square 1 but maybe a necessary square I assume you turned off iCloud Photo Library before restoring the backup if not perhaps that is why it didn't properly start the Re-updating of iCloud which is when it appears that it's downloading everything I must admit when that happened to me I had a similar reaction as you and thought to myself really, really They need to improve iCloud Photo Library especially the issue when it's turned off and on again it thinks it needs way more space than it actually does and people are forced to upgrade storage and downgrade after
  3. My iPhone is set to optimize and mac download Everytime I get a new phone or turn off iCloud Photo Library it does what you said it appears to be downloading all again I assumed it was just comparing and syncing like you said so I let it go and it there was no issues after done I let it go all night long and I may have kept the screen dimmed but don't think that's necessary I think your assumption is correct. Yes I agree I wish we could get more verbose account of what a running process is doing I'm sure you have restarted you mac since this happened that fixed mine when it was stuck I'll bet that company that makes the software Photo Library manager forgot the name used to be called iphoto Library manager Maybe you can email them and ask if it's ok to do that Maybe you can tell them your issue and see if they can offer some advice I think they used to be a sponser
  4. Hi Adam i just woke up this morning and remembered what I did when iCloud Photo Library got stuck on my mac. Everytime it got stuck and I waited longer than I should, restarting the mac got it running again. I may have had to do this a few times also if this doesn't work you may consider running the repair on your library using the keyboard short cuts when opening photos https://support.apple.com/kb/PH21366?locale=en_US
  5. Haha ya I would think so
  6. Wow, yeah I know what you mean. Sometime ya just got to go back to the drawing board. the other day I cracked the screen and apple replaced it but they said it failed calibration and had to give me a new phone. I had to restore from backup and surprisingly fixed an ongoing issue I had where every time I did a Skype call I would have no sound on my phone until I restarted. The new phone fixed it. Everything is good except I get a popup message saying I need to login to iTunes Store account which is my friends. It pops up every 5 min. I have no idea which app it may be or maybe so I will just put in his pass after I can get him to give me 2 factor code. Yeah iCloud Photo Library needs work. I was listening to an episode of ACM with Jeff and Dave and he had an iCloud issue with an email address and his domain and he found out that apple didn't even have a system admin which was very surprising as he would have thought there would be a whole team devoted to that. I hope allison can help before you have to start over. Maybe that software can help. The one that can extract albums. Photo library manager.
  7. Any luck?
  8. Perhaps Allison can help too. She has a lotta experience with this. She has a similar issue recently
  9. I think it does work in the background even if it's closed.
  10. I know the turning off iCloud photo library restarting the Mac and then turning it on May fix it but that's kind of a bold move because many times it requires you to upgrade your iCloud storage to a larger plan and then call Apple to get a refund after that because iCloud calculates when it starts up again like double what it actually needs. I don't need to remind you to do a back up first because you're the king Of Back ups
  11. Hmm there are many suggestions that I can give you but I would first try to ones that are less bold. Perhaps try this Had the exact same issue just now. Solution: Quit Photos app Open Activity Monitor (in Utilities Folder, just use Spotlight to find it) Search for "Photos" Select "Photos Agent" process, click the quit button at the upper left (looks like stop sign with an x in it) When pop up window opens, select "Force Quit" Launch Photos app