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    iCloud & sync

    I actually have a similar question/problem. My wife and I both have an iPhone and iPad (iOS 5.0.1) synced with a Mac (Lion). We want to have all of our calendar, contacts and information synced over so we use iCloud with one account. And it syncs beautifully and almost instantaneously as well. Here is the problem. Now that we are using iMessage on all devices, each of our devices switch back and forth in "My Info" seemingly randomly so that her devices sometimes switch to my address card in "My Info" and vice versa. The email addresses connected to the corresponding iMessage work fine, but sometimes the icon/avatar and thus the "My Info" link switch back and forth. We like having all of our iCloud information synced to one account for information, but "My Info" switching back and forth randomly is annoying. Does anyone have a suggested fix for this? Thanks.
  2. With Lion in my Mail.app, when I compose a new email with my IMAP Gmail account, I do not have the option to choose my signature from my signature options. I only get the option to choose which server to send the email. If I select a different POP account, I get the signature selector, but not with IMAP? Is this normal? Before Lion, I am sure that I could choose a signature with IMAP Gmail as well. Thanks.
  3. home network issue. Most of what I have found on Google does not hard wire the routers together but uses one as a wireless bridge, but that is not what I want to do. I am trying to set up a home wifi network with a two routers with a few functions: -an 802.11n network for a Macbook Pro—specifically for extra speed and range -an 802.11g network for a Powerbook G4 as well as iPhone and other devices including guests that come to the house -Airtunes capability -USB bonjour printer for all machines Right now, this is what I have to work with: -ADSL modem (I'm in Thailand) -Linksys WRT160N -for n network as well as a hub wired to a Mac Mini and Airport Express -Airport Express (older b/g version) has speakers and an HP laserjet for bonjour printing The modem and both routers are placed together near the MacMini and printer at the ground floor of my house. Right now they all have the same SSID at the same channel. I want to limit the number of machines that use each router at one time so as to maximize speed. Both routers have the same MAC address, the Linksys is set to both g/n. So here are some problems/issues that I have had. -When the Linksys was set to only n, my wife's Powerbook got very poor reception, and so I had to change the Linksys to g/n. But my MacBook Pro usually connects in n no problem. -the Mac Mini and Powerbook G4 (Leopard) have printing issues where I have to delete the HP bonjour printer and reinstall each time due to a communication error. My MacBookPro (Snow Leopard) has no problems printing. -Airtunes on all machines sometimes skips when running iTunes' remote speakers -the MacBookPro has no problems with screen sharing or other LAN connectivity with the Mini and Powerbook. -oftentimes, after a few hours of not using the internet on a machine, my browser upon launch takes me to my ISP's landing page before I can go to any other page. I really like the speed and range boost of the Linksys N, and I am not sure how to fix the printing issues. Any advice/recommendation would be helpful. Thank you.