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    iOS4 tethering on 3G?

    I have an iphone 3g/16 gb that I am going to using for the next several months. My data usage is generally moderate, so I took the first step with regards to enabling tethering and moving to the 2GB / month plan. Since we have a MiFi, I will only need tethering when I am traveling to somewhere different than where my wife is traveling. From what I have read, I should be able to go on and off tethering for particular days/trips on a pro-rated basis. So that is my plan, has anyone gotten tethering to work on AT&T / iOS4 / 3G iphone? Or at all? (I know that I could jailbreak ... or at least I could have before upgrading to iOS4, but I don't want to bother will all of that to save a few bucks here and there.) I don't see tethering as an option on my account page and figured I would throw it out here before calling customer service. Ryan