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  1. I think the people on the forums here could probably do a better job than some Apple support folks! Please apply to Apple! The reason I say that, is I called Apple support and was transferred to the iPhoto support team. I allowed the rep to remotely connect to my computer using http://ara.apple.com But they had me click on the "Layout" and "Options" buttons in iPhoto so they could see what choices were available in each. I would think if you did support for iPhoto, you would already know what options are available when you click on either "Layout" or "Options" in iPhoto. Anyway, the rep wasn't very familiar with iPhoto and couldn't answer my question on why there white space appearing at the top of my iPhoto book when previewing it as a PDF. Turns out the rep said, not to use iPhoto's "Save as PDF" / "Preview Book" feature since viewing the resulting PDF in Acrobat or another program can cause the white space I was seeing to show up. Sorry, just venting...
  2. I think I found the answer to my question. I had Postbox connecting to my Gmail account, but using POP settings for Gmail. I deleted the PostBox settings, and set it for IMAP with my Gmail and things are working as expected.
  3. I just downloaded the trial of the email Mac client PostBox from http://www.postbox-inc.com/ I had a question maybe someone can answer. In the Gmail web interface, my Inbox has 20 messages. But in PostBox, it shows my Inbox as 24,000 messages. Is there a way for me to set PostBox to show my Inbox with it's 20 messages like the regular Gmail does? Thanks
  4. On my Macbook Air 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2GB of RAM, now that I upgraded to 10.7 Lion, I notice these apps very often "Stop Responding: Safari iTunes My Twitter 2.1.1 isn't work right either.
  5. Saw this online today: On Verizon FAQ, it says "At launch, Verizon Wireless will offer prepaid month-to-month service options payable with credit or debit card. These options do not require an activation fee". I am thinking what is "At launch" mean? So I called Verizon and one of the Reps told me that they will not charge 3G activitation fee at this point as a promotion but they MAY charge activation fee later. This means if I get an Verizon iPad2 3G and get a data plan now, I don't get charged for activation but if I stop the data plan next month and get the data plan again in July, I may get charged for reactivation.
  6. To answer my own question, I saw this: Updated at 2:46 p.m. on Thursday March 10 with confirmation that Verizon will not be charging activation fees for iPad 3G plans. http://www.macworld.com/article/158361/2011/03/compare_ipad_data_plans.html
  7. I was thinking of getting a iPad2 with Verizon service and I see there is a $35 activation fee. That's fine. But I'm wondering, if I don't use the Verizion CDMA for a few months, will I need to pay the $35 activation fee again? Thanks
  8. Think I just found a new possibility. There is now an iPhoto Walgreens Exporter. I'll go try it out. It is here: http://tinyurl.com/2v7x7uo
  9. Is there a better way for me to help a new Mac user who don't know much about her Mac, upload photos from iPhoto to an online service such as walgreens in fewer/less complicated steps than I have put below? Only thing I can think of is having the user, use the more expensive option of ordering prints through iPhoto itself. Thanks 1) We connected the the USB cable from your camera to your iMac 2) We turned on your camera 3) Your iMac automatically recognized the camera was connected and turned on, so it automatically launced the application/program iPhoto. 4) We clicked on "Import" to import your photos from your camera to iPhoto. 5) All the newly imported photos were automatically put into iPhoto in to the "Last Roll" category (on the left) 6) I had you click on the + icon that is in iPhoto in the lower left corner to create a new 'album' called "our photos" where we could temporarily keep copies of the 50 pictures you wanted to have Walgreens print. 6) I had you click on "Last Roll" and then drag photos to the "our pictures" album 7) Once finished with that, I had you clikc on "our pictures" and go to the 'Edit' menu and choose 'Select All' 8) Go to the 'File' menu and choose 'Export' 9) You click on the button named 'Export' 10) That gave a window that allowed me to choose 'Desktop' and I clicked on 'New Folder' and called it "walgreens" 11) I clicked 'OK' to save the exported photos from iPhoto into the Walgreens photos, to the 'walgreens' folder created in step #10. 12) We logged into walgreens.com and created a new album. 13) We folowed the steps to upload our photos to walgreens.com. We choose the option to upload multiple photos at once, not one photo at a time. 14) When the walgreens website had us locate the photos we wanted to upload, I choose the 'walgreens' folder we had created in step #10. 15) We selected "Select All" so the walgreens website would take all the pictures from our 'walgreens' folder.
  10. JohnA

    IPad Video Problems

    I noticed the same stop/start slow Internet with Netflix and Youtube on my Wi-Fi iPad as well. Here I was thinking I had an defective iPad.