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  1. AluPowerbook

    Question Mark Folder after removing Boot Camp

    Tom, thanks a lot! I went to the start up disk control panel, I selected the OsX startup disk and the problem is gone! Thank you very much for the help. I thought I needed to reformat my harddrive, and was not eager to do so. You are truly a Mac geek. Thanks, Bart
  2. I decided to get rid of XP on my system so I uninstalled Boot Camp with the BC installer. The problem I have right now is a folder with a question mark gets displayed during start up. After that OsX starts up just fine but I do think it is kinda annoying. So is there anyone who knows how to solve this problem? Thanks...
  3. AluPowerbook

    Best way to import settings from old Mac

    The Powerbook HD is 80GB large, the Macbook only 60GB. Thanks for the tips!
  4. I want to import all my stuff from my Powerbook to my Macbook. How do I do this? I know the migrate assistant could help but I don't seem to have enough disk space on the new system. Besides that I already created a new user (me), so I don't know if it will over write those settings. Anyway, does anyone know how to import the next stuff : Mail accounts and mail boxes. Podcasts from my Powerbook. Keychan passwords... Safari bookmarks... I don't know if there is more stuff to import... BTW another question : The iSight on the Macbook : when I use Phtobooth, the green LED light on the right side is burning. There seems to be also one on the left side. Does this need to burn as well? Sorry if "burning" is not correct English, I live in Europe :-D
  5. I just got this second hand Macbook at a good price, everything was in the box except the first install DVD. I am wondering if you could get a replacement at Apple? Or is this just wishful thinking? I own the Tiger DVD but someone told me it has to be universal?
  6. AluPowerbook

    sync bookmarks

    Okay, thanks for the help guys, SafariDepot does not work, I guess it must be a settings problem. I did use the same settings that I use in Cyberduck though. It should work but it does not. :-( I might go over to del.iscio.us. I have been thinking about it. Thanks for the help. Bart
  7. AluPowerbook

    sync bookmarks

    I am using Safari and Firefox on both. 95% of the time I use Safari though.
  8. AluPowerbook

    sync bookmarks

    I have two Macs but I cannot seem to sync my bookmarks between the iBook & Powerbook. What is an easy way to do this? I do not have .Mac
  9. AluPowerbook

    Safari Pop Up blocker question

    Okay, thanks!
  10. AluPowerbook

    Safari Pop Up blocker question

    I was wondering if you can allow specific sites to use pop ups even though the pop up blocker is enabled. For instance : my bank uses it and it is annoying that I always forget to enable the blocker again. In Firefox you can allow this, is it possible in Safari too?
  11. AluPowerbook

    Powerbook Ram question

    Yeah, the apple store is kinda expensive, it that price of Ram almost is the price of a Mac Mini! So I ordered it at : Memory ten
  12. AluPowerbook

    Powerbook Ram question

    I am sorry, but in the Apple store 1 GB costs 500 Euro!
  13. AluPowerbook

    Powerbook Ram question

    There is this eBay auction for 1 GB ram. Here's the specs : Crucial ram : 1GB (Size) PC2700 - 333mhz (Speed) 128x64 -Built with (Standard/Universal Build- HIGHEST Compatibility---NOT HIGH DENSITY) Un-buffered Non-Registered 200-Pin (SODIMM MEMORY FOR NOTEBOOKS/Laptops) Non ECC 6 Layered PCB (Highest Quality for Lowest Signal Noise = Best Performance) I own a PB 17" 1.5 Ghz. Will the Ram work okay? Or do I need High Density ram??? Any info welcome, also if the ram is not okay, where do I get 1 GB at a reasonable price that also can be shipped to Europe.
  14. AluPowerbook

    Thank you Maccast!

    Last Thursday we had the annual quiz at the Mac computerclub I am a member of. Thanks to listening to the Maccast I was able to answer 45% of all the questions! This shows how informative the podcast is. Just wanted to thank you Adam and keep up the good work!