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  1. PapaLazarou

    iPhone 1.1.2

    with the 1.1.2 update you dont need itoner. You can just drag any m4r files to iTunes and it'll upload it.
  2. PapaLazarou

    Bad night for the iPhone

    I would have thought most of the sales would have been in the first hour on Friday with the people who had already decided to buy one weeks ago. After that it wouk just be people wandering by looking out of curiosity.
  3. PapaLazarou

    Regents Street!

    Did you not even get an apple Tshirt? If so that's really poor Getting it at the O2 shop was painful. Mainly because the staff didnt know very much and were telling customers quite confused information.
  4. PapaLazarou

    gmail imap

    Cool. So shouldnt delete anything important on the iphone then. How's the new found iphone celebrity going then graham?
  5. PapaLazarou

    gmail imap

    I';m all new to this iphone gmail malarky. If i delete an email on the iphone does it get deleted from my inbox or is it just tagged as deleted and won't actually be deleted unless as delete it from my gmail web account proper? Cheers
  6. PapaLazarou

    Regents Street!

    Only had the phone a few hours but already love it in a way that is unhealthy.
  7. PapaLazarou

    Transfer iPhone SIM to other phone

    Brilliant. Dont have any excuses now not to snaffle one up tomorrow
  8. PapaLazarou

    Transfer iPhone SIM to other phone

    Hello Is it possible to use the iPhone's sim card in a normal phone? I'm considering getting an iPhone when it launches on Friday in the UK, but would be nice not to take a 300 quid phone on a saturday night out when having a few cheeky beers and finding I've smashed the screen. Would be an awful hangover
  9. PapaLazarou

    Leopard with G4 chips?

    I installed leopard yesterday on my iBook g4 1.44 with 1.5gb. It runs pretty well, coverflow can be a bit laggy. Spaces works very snappily, and it copes surprsising well with stacks. All in all, seems to run at a similar speed to tiger. The apple menu is transparent on my ibook. And oddly the airport performance seems better, I'm finding more networks on the airport menu.
  10. PapaLazarou

    Mac OS X Leopard!

    Running it too. Cant seem to make the windows close without quiting the program. Anyone else with this problem?
  11. PapaLazarou

    What's wrong with my Finder?

    Cheers. I had already updated to 10.4.9 but I don't think it was that because the cardreaders were working one day and not the next. I have done an archive and install and the problems seem to have gone away (for now anyway) so must have been some corrupted files.
  12. PapaLazarou

    What's wrong with my Finder?

    For some reason now, whenever I plug in my cardreader, or digital camera or external hardrive, I have to relaunch finder for it to show up on the desktop. Also some of the icons are corrupted. Any ideas what to do or will it need to be a clean install?
  13. PapaLazarou

    strange card reader issue

    I have 2 card readers and neither of them seem to be able to read the cards. Its a bit of a coincidence for 2 card readersto stop working simultaneously. And I cant get the camera to mount instead either. Any ideas? Is this a 10.4.9 problem?
  14. PapaLazarou

    Is my memory making my ibook sluggish?

    Cheers all. I have reseated it a number of times over the past year. Unfortuneatley I bought the RAM overseas and the Kingston website says to return it where you got it. Looks like I'll need to buy a new stick.
  15. When I got my ibook (1.42 Oct 2005) i upgraded the memory myself to 1g with 512mg DDR 2100 Kingston Ram. Over the last year the extra 512mg has gone missing (I have menu meters installed and occasionalluy the memory would drop from 1gig to 512mg, and would return on a restart or two). I have also noticed recently the beach ball being much more prevalent especially when iphoto and safari are running simultaneously. My questions are are all of these issues likely to be due to my RAM being a bit temperamental and I should replace the memory? Is the fact that I am using DDR2100 (I had bought it for my old laptop and found out it didnt fit) making a big performance difference? Is it better to have DDR2700? How much of a performance boost will I get by maxing out to 1.5gig? Cheers in advance