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  1. Neal

    iPhone 4, 1 minute behind

    I’m glad to hear others are experiencing the same issue. Maybe this is something that should be reported to Apple as a bug?
  2. Neal

    iPhone 4, 1 minute behind

    My iPhone 4 is always one minute behind. If my computer is 10:00 o’clock then my iPhone says it’s 9:59. Has anyone else seen this or know how to fix it without manually setting the time?
  3. Neal

    Growl Start up Warning

    That worked! Thank you very much.
  4. Neal

    Growl Start up Warning

    What if mine was already unchecked?
  5. Neal

    Growl Start up Warning

    I have had this problem with Growl for a while now and I cannot figure out how to make it go away. Every time I startup my iMac, I get the following warning: "Do you want the application "GrowlHelperApp.app" to accept incoming network connections?" I have checked my Firewall settings and Growl is allowed. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled the program, but that didn't solve it either. What's maddening is that this wasn't always the case and my MacBook doesn't exhibit this problem. So, I'm putting it out to the MacCast community to see if anyone else has had this problem and if they have solved it.