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  1. If I have video files on my computer and I buy an iPod with video capability, will I be able to view my own stuff on the iPod? Someone told me I would only be able to see TV shows & videos puchased from iTunes, but it doesn't seem like that could be right. Is it?
  2. mdg

    Terminal Easter egg!

    Where's the fun in that? Dead end You are at a dead end of a dirt road. The road goes to the east. In the distance you can see that it will eventually fork off. The trees here are very tall royal palms, and they are spaced equidistant from each other. >look at trees They are palm trees with a bountiful supply of coconuts in them. >up You can't go that way. >climb tree You manage to get about two feet up the tree and fall back down. You notice that the tree is very unsteady. >shake tree You begin to shake a tree, and notice a coconut begin to fall from the air. As you try to get your hand up to block it, you feel the impact as it lands on your head. You are dead. You have scored 0 out of a possible 90 points.
  3. mdg

    Terminal Easter egg!

    Computer room You are in a computer room. It seems like most of the equipment has been removed. There is a VAX 11/780 in front of you, however, with one of the cabinets wide open. A sign on the front of the machine says: This VAX is named 'pokey'. To type on the console, use the 'type' command. The exit is to the east. The panel lights are steady and motionless. >type hello You type on the keyboard, but your characters do not even echo. >insert computer board You don't have that. >i You currently have: A lamp A brass key A shovel A computer board >insert computer board You don't have that. >????
  4. mdg

    Terminal Easter egg!

    You are at a fork of two passages, one to the northeast, and one to the southeast. The ground here seems very soft. You can also go back west. >go southeast SE/NW road You are on a southeast/northwest road. There is some food here. >take food Taken. >se Bear hangout You are standing at the end of a road. A passage leads back to the northwest. There is a ferocious bear here! >talk to bear I don't understand that. >feed bear Done. The bear takes the food and runs away with it. He left something behind. >look Bear hangout You are standing at the end of a road. A passage leads back to the northwest. There is a shiny brass key here. >take key Taken.
  5. mdg

    Forward delete?

    Thanks everyone - fn + delete works great.
  6. mdg

    Forward delete?

    :?: I use a PC at work, but got a Powerbook for home. I've had it for a while & still haven't been able to figure out what I need to do to get forward delete functionality (the "Delete" key on a PC). I love the Mac, but I'm tired of always backspacing. Sorry if this is the wrong section for asking this. :?: