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  1. Brian cowie

    Home Automation

    Hi John Thx for the info. Completely rebuilt the insides of my home. Removing all the drywall and adding insulating to cut down my energy comsumsion. My hating bill went from 4900.00 a year to 1250.00. Next I would like to add some HA to help reduce comsumsion then I'm adding solar system to make myself even more independent. The heating system went from 100 amp electric furnace to 25 amps of baseboard heaters. Gained a room where the furnace was and added ceiling space by removing all the ducking.
  2. Brian cowie

    Home Automation

    All this info. Were do you start with your home setup. I world like to start with lighting and heating, then adding in audio system.
  3. Brian cowie

    Home Automation

    I'm looking to automate my home using an old mac mini. Functions I like is heating (base board heaters), lighting, garage door, security system.
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