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  1. mikemonce

    New iMac is on order.

    Before making the switch, I was reading many forums and reviews, and for the most part people loved their macs. Now I am a firm believer in the philosophy of loving inanimate stuff, a couple of my bicycles fall into this category too ('96 Gary Fisher Hoo Koo e Koo, '05 Trek 520). I wanted to be a part of this mac community and know know why many of you love your macs. Our '02 HP XP Windows box was getting tired and no window machine has ever excited me. It was time to switch. My only previous apple was a II+ and it was cool for the time. We ordered a 17" Duo-Core Intel. Here is what I have noticed to date (only a week). 1. Wigets are a real time saver. I am constantly looking up phone numbers, stock quotes and the weather. With windows, I have to wait for the broswer to open and go to numerous bookmarks. I used the Windows Outlook for my contacts, it was very slow, a 5-lb phonebook is usually quicker. Apple..thank you. 2. Seemless integration between almost all applications and it is so easy to process and learn. I have uploaded a web-site, created a slide-show with iTunes music, added Quicken activities to iCal, back-up'ed to .Mac. 3. This baby is screaming fast (Every application I have opened and worked with). Transferring 9 years of information from one platform to another is not that simple. Quicken was time-consuming,(Ask me for additional advice), Contacts did not import as easy as I thought should. Anyway, this is a forum and not a book. I love my iMac And will never go back.
  2. mikemonce

    iCal is not loading

    It appears .mac incorporates and syncs with many programs however not iCal. After further research, iCal is publishing to the web, however it is not linked or cannot be accessed through .mac. I figured you could click on the visable calander on .mac and should be able to access your calendar, not so. Maybe in the near future.
  3. mikemonce

    iCal not loading into .Mac

    My iCal is not loading into .Mac. iBackup appeared successful and we also published to .Mac from the iCal toolbar. Any ideas, really need this function via the web. Thanks, -Mike
  4. mikemonce

    Soon to be switched - Quicken data transfer?

    Thanks for the replies. I will post an update once I complete the transfer.
  5. mikemonce

    New iMac is on order.

    My new 17" Intel iMac was ordered yesterday from apple.com. The website claimed 'should ship within 24 hours'. Does Apple's marketing department also work in shipping? The actual ship date is Feb 6th, (5 business days, not 24 hours). Anyway I am chomping at the bit to receive. I started with an Apple II+ and eventually worked towards the Dark Side of Windows. Through the life-changing Ipod purchase last year, I decided to give the 5 percentile (Mac users) a try. So once the critical files are transferred, what shall be done with the Windows boat anchor?
  6. Been a Windows user for 10 years and ready for the switch, change...improvement. My only major concern is transferring my Quicken financial files. According to the Quicken website, not all data will be transfered from Windows Quicken to Mac Quicken. This will be a huge project if I need to manually input several years of financial data that will not transfer. Has anyone recently made the Mac Quicken switch? Any advice?