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  1. Downing

    17 Inch MacBook is Here!

    Not me. My 15.4 is the perfect combo of luggability and horsepower. It would be nice to have the extra real estate of a bigger screen, but I wouldn't want to have to carry it around. Plus, I don't need FW 800 and so far at least haven't needed a third USB port. Regardless, in the spirit of to each his own, congrats to anyone who orders up a 17-inch MBP. I'm looking to the reviews.
  2. Downing

    April 1st?

    It's beginning to look like Apple's going to announce... NOTHING! Dang it, fooled again. Personally, I blame Craig.
  3. Downing

    Got a Macbook Pro 2.16ghz yesterday.

    But the conversation I overheard made it sound as though the 2.16 machine came stock with the faster hard drive and extra stick of RAM. If that were the case, it would make the extra $300 a very reasonable price boost. But I probably just misunderstood--especially since the 1GB of RAM alone cost $300.
  4. Downing

    Got a Macbook Pro 2.16ghz yesterday.

    No hiss on my 2.0 machine. No other problems to report either. Rob, did your 2.16 come stock with any other upgrades over the 2.0? I'm wondering specifically about the RAM and Hard Drive. The reason I'm asking is I thought I overheard some employees at my local Apple store say something about a "super laptop" with 2 gigs of RAM and a 7200 RPM hard drive stock on the 2.16 model. But I couldn't be sure.
  5. Downing

    My love for Apple is wavering...

    So is it working now? [-o<
  6. Downing

    April 1st?

    Hey Craig, Check out the MacRumors 3/10/06 website: AppleInsider reports that Apple will hold a media event in conjunction with its 30th anniversary on April 1, but that the date of the event may be just before or after April 1st since the day is a Saturday. Sources are almost certain the event will play host to a new line of 13-inch widescreen consumer iBook notebooks based on Intel microprocessors. Additional announcements such as a high-end 17-inch MacBook Pro and a high-profile iPod-related product may also be in the cards. The last media event, on February 28, saw the introduction of the new Intel Mac mini and the iPod Hi-Fi. Hey, maybe a lucky guess for me after all.
  7. Downing

    MacBook Pro in stores?

    No problems to report here. This is one slick computer. I'm going to be learning my way around this new operating system for a while. So far, it's a blast.
  8. Downing

    MacBook Pro in stores?

    The downtown store at Pioneer Place. ok i go to the one at washington square. I stopped by the Pioneer Place store today on the off chance that maybe my number had come up on the waiting list. As it turned out, they had just received "a bunch" (per the Apple guy) of MBPs. In fact, they now have six on display whereas only two days ago they had only two, which was one more than they had about a week before that. Being on the waiting list was not a problem, apparently, as the Apple guy just pulled one out of the back for me. I'm upgrading to 2 gigs of RAM, so the machine won't be ready till this afternoon. I hope this means the rest of the country is awash in MBPs as well.
  9. Downing

    April 1st?

    Craig, But my say so is about all I got. Seriously, none of us know what Apple will announce, so everyone has to guess. Maybe they'll surprise us all and announce... nothing. Frankly, a new iBook/MacBook seems to me to be a little anticlimatic for Apple's 30th birthday. I suppose a new iBook in conjuction with a 17-inch MacBook Pro wouldn't be bad. But after last week's "fun" announcement, practically anything would be an improvement. I'm fully prepared to eat my words. It wouldn't be the first time and it certainly won't be the last. I do think that a dual core Black iBook/MacBook would be pretty cool though. After all, they have to do something with all those 1.67GHz dual core chips laying around, right? Peace, bro.
  10. Downing

    April 1st?

    [quote name="craigeth i dont agree with anything you said. seriously guy' date=' if you're gonna speculate, have something to back up your thesis.[/quote] Jeez, Craig, lighten up a little. Adam didn't say the rumor was it was going to be black and white and that it would be the dual core? Well excuuuuse me. I thought he did. Mea frickin culpa. Doesn't it make sense that the iBook is next? G5? Done. Powerbook? Done. Mini? Done. Power Macs? Don't you think Apple will wait until there are more native pro apps available? Regarding Jobs referencing the date. Even you agree that something is probably coming. I think it will be an Intel iBook. You don't. Ok. Got it. I just hope that after last week's lame announcements--an expensive mini that won't work for gamers, a boom box (yawn) and a couple of overpriced leather ipod socks--Jobs will introduce something as big and exciting as a new iBook or say, a 30th edition Mac. And my reference to Apple announcing the new iBook now that I'm no longer holding out for one was meant to be a joke and at my own expense. I'm sorry it didn't come off that way. I thought it was pretty obvious. Next time, I'll be sure to add a smiley emoticon. Sheesh, dude. This ain't life and death and sure as heck doesn't call for a thesis. Relax and enjoy the ride.
  11. Downing

    MacBook Pro in stores?

    The downtown store at Pioneer Place.
  12. Downing

    April 1st?

    I'm practically positive Apple will announce the new iBook on April 1st. Here's why: 1. Jobs referenced the date at the Expo, so you know something big is going to happen. 2. The iBook is surely the next in line to get the Intel treatment. 3. After holding out for an Intel iBook for months, I finally realized I have fallen in love with the MacBook Pro and am now on the waiting list. Number 3 pretty much seals the deal right there. The rumor that Adam referenced a few shows back makes a lot of sense to me: a dual core 13.3 inch that comes in black or white with the usual Apple features plus a built in iSight camera. It will, of course, be named the "MacBook," which I think is a great name and will help make "MacBook Pro" a little easier on the ears.
  13. Downing

    MacBook Pro in stores?

    My local Apple store also has two MBPs on display. The salesperson I talked to today said they've been getting three or four in pretty much every day. They're working off a waiting list. My name's on there somewhere but they won't or can't give me an ETA. Apple's website now says the ship time is 2-3 weeks, down from 3-4 weeks just a couple of days ago. I went ahead and purchased Apple Care for the MBP today just to move things along.