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  1. Robswitcher

    New Mac Mini

    I've been hanging out for the Mini with the intention of getting one in the next few months. I'm excited about the update and really only disapointed by the price hike (about $200 extra here in Australia) for the high end model with 1Gb RAM. I know it has extra speed and some other bells and whistles (ie extra USB, frontrow & remote) buuuut the extra dollars are really stretching my budget. Plus now I have to think if it is worth it to take it to the max of 2Gb. I play around with photoshop (hobby) and also with podcasting audio - would the extra Gig (an additional $300) make that much of a difference ?? :?:
  2. Robswitcher

    How to keep burnt CD-R open

    Thanks everyone for your feedback/answers.
  3. Robswitcher

    How to keep burnt CD-R open

    Thanks for the quick response Matt, Yes I have tried the same CD twice, I burned about 50meg of data onto it first - ejected it - put it back in and tried to burn another 20meg onto it. I can't remember the exact wording - but the message was something like ' this is not a blank CD, please eject and replace with blank media' (thats a very rough translation, I will have to wait til I get home from work to get the exact msg. Maybe I just need to change my mindset as to how I archive smallish amounts of data at irregular time periods
  4. Robswitcher

    How to keep burnt CD-R open

    Hi everyone, I'm a recent switcher (actually still a duel user) with several aging win PC machines in our house and a 4 month old G4 iBook. I realise I need to 'Think Different' about doing stuff on the Mac, and mostly find the experience more refreshing than the old PCs. However there is one thing that is really bugging me, I'm not sure if I've missed something really obvious or not, and apologise if I have. But when I drag files to my burner on the PC, ie CD-R, I can take out the CD and come back later on another day and add more files to it in an archiving type manner. But with the Mac I find that after burning files to CD-R it closes the CD. I've looked for options to prevent this and even searched the net for hours but come up with nothing. Have I missed something ? do I need to buy third party software to do this ? Thanks in advance, sorry if this is a really stupid question. Rob.