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  1. bsalter

    Unique Airport Extreme / Web Page Access

    Thanks for your help. I will keep you posted when I get something back from Apple. Here is a link to the Apple Support page where users posted comments concerning the same type of issue: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=5699152? Again, thanks for all your help/comments.
  2. bsalter

    Unique Airport Extreme / Web Page Access

    Just an update. Checked back with Apple and they are still working the problem. Thanks for your comments.
  3. bsalter

    Unique Airport Extreme / Web Page Access

    Tim, thanks for checking. I switched to the newer model AE awhile ago and didn't have any issues. If I remember correctly, and I could be wrong on this, but the issues may have started shortly after I updated the Security Updates 2007-009 Version 1.0 and 1.1 - but I can't be certain. Again, thanks for checking the site for me.
  4. bsalter

    Unique Airport Extreme / Web Page Access

    This is the only web site that I noticed having this issue. I have tried all other web sites which I have bookmarked, about 80 and I do not experience an issue. On the Apple discussion forum, I noticed several postings with the same issue, but I could not find a posted problem URL which I could test. So as far as I know, this is the only site that is causing this issue. Thanks for taking the time to address this problem.
  5. bsalter

    Unique Airport Extreme / Web Page Access

    Thanks guys. I researched the Apple support site and noticed several others had posted with the same issue (different web sites) and as of yet, no response/comments/solution. Thanks again for your response. Happy Holidays.
  6. System: iMac w/OS 10.5.1 Wireless Network using a new Airport Extreme Base Station Here is my situation: It all started when my wife tried to load her favorite Web page at http://hpana.com - the site now takes well over 5 minutes to load. This started some time after updating the recent security update 2007-009 Version 1.0 and shortly thereafter version 1.1. I have tried using the other Mac computers in the house, using the same wireless network and the same problem presents itself. I have tried loading the page using friend’s computers (Mac and PC, from out side my home) and the page loads within seconds. I have tried using Safari, IE and Firefox (at home), the problem remains. I contacted the hpana.com Webmaster and they have made no changes to their web site. I disconnected our cable modem, and connected the modem directly to the iMac (by passing the Apple Airport) and the page loads within seconds. I’m guessing it has something to do with the Airport Extreme. So, I contacted Apple Support. The issue was quickly elevated and eventually forwarded to the Airport Extreme Hardware guys – I expect to get an answer by Mid January 2008. I took a trip to the local Apple store and after explaining the situation, the store manger replaced the AirPort Extreme with the hope this would resolve the issue. After getting the “new” Airport Extreme up and running … the problem remained. This particular web site hpana.com still takes well over 5 minutes to load. I have no such issue with some of the other 60 or so sites I tried. I by passed the “new” Airport once again by connecting the cable modem directly to the iMac and, as before the web page loads within seconds. I’ll wait until I get a response from Apple come January, but I was wondering if anyone on the Forum would be willing to share their respective opinions. Thank You and Happy Holidays.
  7. I have/had been dealing with this issue with Apple for most of the day and the representative suggested this post to see if this issue/problem has been experienced by anyone else. No fix has been found and the Apple representative feels this is an issue/bug with the iTunes application. This is somewhat difficult to explain, but any assistance will be appreciated. The issue deals with the "check to play" box in iTunes libraries and playlists for all categories (i.e. songs, movies, podcast and audiobooks). The basic premise is this: I established all the sync criteria under the respective tabs in the AppleTV (under the Apple TV devices listing in iTunes) and started the sync process. After a successful "sync" all my media (TV shows, movies, podcast and photos etc.) between the new AppleTV and iTunes, I was able to view all media on the AppleTV with no problem. A short time later (on my computer) I unchecked (or disabled) the "play" box in my iTunes library for a series of selected movies (I did not change any setting in the Apple TV sync selection tabs). I usually keep the "play" box deselected or unchecked for my movie playlist, or selected songs and audio books. When I deselected the items in my iTunes library and/or playlist, the item was no longer visible or viewable in/on the AppleTV - somehow the iTunes playlist de-selection affected the Apple TV. I tried to re-sync the "missing" item via the AppleTV sync selection, going back and forth to add the "missing" movie. I was not able to re-sync the movies. After a long discussion with Apple, we finally did a factory reset on the AppleTV - to limit the time, I started syncing only the movies and the movies (which were purchased through the iTunes store) would not sync. I finally "selected/enabled" the movies in my iTunes playlist. Started another factory reset and this time the media started to sync (all through this, the same personal sync selections were used via the AppleTV tabs in iTunes). Not until the movies were selected (checked) in the actual iTunes playlist would they sync to the AppleTV. To experiment, I was asked to "uncheck" the movie in the iTunes Playlist after the sync and as soon as I did, the movies were no longer visible/playable on the AppleTV. And, to get it back, we had to another factory reset with the movies selected/enabled in my iTunes library. This same scenario also applies to my podcasts and TV shows (settings for sync in the AppleTV tabs remained constant) but as soon as you unchecked/disabled the individual "play" option in the iTunes Library, the media could not be viewed/seen on the AppleTV. The Apple tech reached the conclusion the select/deselect "play" option in iTunes should have no effect on what is or is not sync(ed) to the AppleTV - only the personal selected sync criteria within the AppleTV device, as shown in iTunes, should effect what's been transferred. Unfortunately, whenever I "lost" the media, I had to go through the factory-reset process to get it back. I am not certain, but I seem to recall this also happed with my songs - once my current sync process completes, I was asked to call back Apple at which time I’ll try this process for songs and see what happens. Thank you in advance for any suggestions. OS X 10.4.10 iTunes 7.4.2 (4) 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Due New Airport Extreme Just in case someone from Apple is reading this, the case number is 84547414.
  8. bsalter

    Confusion About Internet Connection

    Thanks. I think you are correct about the Comcast infrastructure - they are trying to offer different levels of service, but haven't figured out how to adequately control the access. I think what's going on is that by restircting my service to the subscribed level, the affect is that the control mechanism is actually restricting my usage. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts. I don't think this will ever get resolved.
  9. bsalter

    Confusion About Internet Connection

    Thanks for your reply - since my posting, Comcast has been to the house three times and I ruled out any issue with my computer. My service remains the same and Comcast is at a loss as to the problem. They now feel there is an issue with a "node" (?), they will be monitoring my connection for a few days to see if they can narrow down the issue. My latest issue, which I didn't have before the upgraded internet service is with iChat. I am constantly loosing my audio and video quality. One moment they are both at 100% then drop to 0 %, first the audio then the video. A brief time later they are both back to 100%. Apple did recomment an iChad bandwidth limit to 500kbps which seemed to work, but the Apple Tech was dumbfounded why the reduction would ease my problem. So basically I am back to square one with my Internet speed and now have to figure out what's going on with my iChat which worked fine before Comcast increased the service to their 8meg service. Again, thanks for your reply and I welcome any and all further suggestions and/or recommendations.
  10. I am using an Airport Extreme (b/g) wireless home network. The Airport Base station is connected to a Surfboard 4100 cable modem via Comcast. My "average" connection speed is around 4,800kbps download and 320kbps upload, until yesterday. I contacted Comcast to explore the "slow" speeds. According to Comcast, my service package should be providing me with a speed of 8,000-10,000kbps download and 738 kbps upload. The tech claims that the connection up to the modem is "outstanding." After checking/replacing all cable connections between the modem and the Airport and noticed no change I upgraded my Motorola Modem to the Surfboard 5101 model. I noticed a significant speed increase for the uploads - increase from about 320kbps to over 2,100kbps, however there was no change at all for the download speed which stayed just around 5,000kbps. I have reset the Airport Base station, deleted all network/airport preferences, made sure Safari cache, cookies etc. were all cleared out and I even by passed the Airport Base station by connecting the Cable modem via ethernet cable directly to the computer - speed tests and results remained the same, just as I was getting via the wireless. I was wondering, what would cause/prevent the "download" speed to remain "slow" when the "upload" speed showed such a significant increase after I upgraded the modem and help from Comcast. Is there something in the OS network software and/or Airport Base Station configuration restricting the download (speed). I just can't figure out why, if the upload speed showed such a significant increase, the download speed remained the same. I did contact Apple tech support just to see if they could offer an explanation - they could not. Thank you in advance for any suggestions, comments or recommendations.
  11. bsalter

    AVI to MP4 Conversion

    Thank you for taking the time to provide me with all the information - I now have a much better understanding of what I need to do. Thanks again.
  12. bsalter

    Rejected Password in Mail

    Nathan, I'm not sure what else I can add to the replies already posted, and you probably already checked your e-mail account settings but my wife was experiencing the same issue and I was able to correct the problem - unfortunately I don't recall which of the following steps correct the issue, but it has not come up since: In the "mail" preference>accounts>account information I had to verify the correct Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) setting (seems the pull down menu had some variations of our comcast smtp settings and she had selected the incorrect one). Then I went to the "server settings: section (just below that pull-down menu) and had to verify the Authentication and User Name section and noticed the password wasn't listed - so I had to re-enter the password in this section again. I do recall using the "keychain access>keychain first aid" afterwards (I guess I was just trying to make sure all was well with my keychain. Good luck with solving your issue.
  13. bsalter

    AVI to MP4 Conversion

    Thank you for your prompt reply. The source media (Avi) is 620 X 256. Using the export to MPEG-4 in Streamclip; H.264 Encoder, interlaced scaling, 620 X 256; and 100 quality setting (all default setting with the exception of the quality which I changed from 50% to 100%) I get a "white" background in Quicktime Pro and only audi - no video, the audio at times is also messed up. I can import the converted media into iTunes, but iTunes (ver 7.02) will not play/open the video. My over-all objective is just to get the AVI media converted and into iTunes. Maybe I should try just converting the media to a .mov format? Anyway, thanks again for your response.
  14. I would like to apologize in advance if I'm not using the correct terminology. I'm using an iMac 2GHZ Intel core 2 duo with OS 10.4.8 and what I'm trying to achieve is converting a 700MB Avi formatted Movie to a Mp4 file to view within iTunes. I have tried using Quicktime Pro (AVI Divx 5.21 plugin and Flip4MAc plugin); ffmpeg; Mpeg Streamclip; and DivXDoctor II. Sometimes I'm successful, most times I am not. I think my problem is not being familiar with the proper conversion (video) setting(s) for the above mentioned applications. 1. For those apps listed above (or not listed) is there one program which this group would recommend for the avi-mp4 conversion; and 2. would someone be willing to recommend the proper video conversion setting to achieve a good quality conversion. One which can be imported/veiwed in iTunes. Thank You