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  1. salopspring

    The Forgotten Thunderbolt Display

    Really surprised this product seems to have been forgotten again. I'm in the market for an external display for by 2014 MBP. So in the absence of an update, should I look at an alternative or are the extra Apple features of the Thunderbolt display worth it I'm looking for a similar resolution and thunderbolt connectivity. I'll be using it for video editing projects using the MBP as a 2nd display.
  2. Hi I'm going to need to move my iTunes media to an external drive - this isn't just due to size. Due to changing work situations, my wife and I have replaced our deskbound iMac that was our iTunes Media server with two MacBook Pros. So we'd like for both MBPs to be able to access the same media/library when either laptop is plugged into our desktop set-up. Interested to hear of anyone else's experience of this kind of set-up. Tips and tricks, pitfalls to avoid and - perhaps my biggest concern - some kind of back-up (I'm thinking Time Machine will duplicate the back-ups from each MBP) so CCC? A RAID set-up? Thoughts welcome. A
  3. salopspring

    Podcast apps

    I've had a few more days with Downcast now. I really like it even more beyond my first impressions. + a PC-free podcast downloading/managing experience + ability to start listening whilst downloading (especially useful when relying on cellular data whilst on the move) + easy to search for and subscribe to podcasts + iCloud sync to keep iPhone and iPad in sync
  4. salopspring

    Podcast apps

    @Apple Geek - That was the one! I downloaded straight away and I've had about 12 hours with Downcast now and I'm really impressed. It's doing everything for me that iTunes didn't @Huskermn - I like Stitcher but it doesn't work for me as podcast management tool, as you say though perfect for non-regular downloads - but now I've found Downcast I might be losing Stitcher as Downcast provides the same functionality plus more. @johnfoster - sorry to have upset your sensibilities. In my view such a question is perfectly valid for the MacCast forum and I did ask for recommendations on the Apps Adam mentioned OR others.
  5. salopspring

    Podcast apps

    Hi there On a recent episode, Adam mentioned a couple of iTunes alternatives for Podcast downloading/listening/managing with iOS etc. I don't see them specifically linked to in the shownotes - anyone got a better memory than me and/or have some suggestions? All the best Andrew
  6. salopspring

    Going paperless follow-up

    Hi I posted this question in the comments for show but thought it might provoke a bit of a debate within the forum. Adam's talk of "going paperless" has inspired me to do the same. But I don't feel like I've got the right application for the job. I've had a look/demo'd the applications suggested in the MacCast, but does anyone have any "paperless" solutions that have a accompanying iPhone/iPad App? But not Evernote – I find it too limiting when it comes to organisation and searching capabilities. Thanks Andrew
  7. salopspring

    Apple TV will not go to sleep

    Hi I have two Apple TVs (latest version) and neither ever go to sleep anymore. I'm on the latest software version. Anyone having the same issue? The white light just keeps shining away all day and all night. Ideas? Thanks
  8. salopspring

    Activity Monitor episode follow-up

    Obvious now!... so on a dual core machine you CAN have 200% utilisation.
  9. salopspring

    Activity Monitor episode follow-up

    Hi all, Following Adam's recent Activity Monitor dedicated member episode, I had a look at the App and had one query that I don't think was mentioned in the show so I'm worried it might be a problem. Basically, the CPU % for one application (Handbrake) has a value of 184% - that doesn't seem too logical to me. Anyone any thoughts? Thanks Andrew
  10. salopspring

    Forums on iPhone?

    Just trying this post via the very same App. If you can read this it has worked!
  11. salopspring

    RSS/Newsreader apps that stay in sync

    And using the Apps I suggest means you can do this as well, as these Apps use Google Reader in order to sync and refresh content. You are effectively using different Google Reader clients on different devices.
  12. salopspring

    RSS/Newsreader apps that stay in sync

    I use a RSS reader on a desktop Mac, a MacBook Pro, my iPhone and use Google Reader via my work PC. All sync well together using the apps below... On the Mac, I've used NetNewsWire for years and that syncs via a Google Reader account, but I've just switched to Reeder (as I was finding NNW wasn't doing a 100% accurate job on sync'ing) and I really like the simple keyboard shortcuts and the overall look and feel of the application. Again it can be sync'd via a Google account. On the iPhone I've used NetNewsWire but now prefer and Byline. Hope that helps. Shout back with any questions.
  13. salopspring

    Items removed from iTunes library but not deleted

    Thanks for the reply. I'd already reset the warnings without any luck but it seems to have spontaneously fixed itself between my post and your reply! All is well that ends well.
  14. Somehow something has changed in my iTunes library. Now when I delete items from the library they are only removed from the library not deleted/moved to the trash. How do i revert to the previous behavior? Thanks Andrew
  15. salopspring

    Image Annotation Tool Suggestions

    Was that the only thing you were using the emulation for? I'm kind of amazed - wasn't that a real pain? But then I haven't really tried emulation software.