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    Tracking downloads of an itunes podcast

    Is there a way to track how many people are downloading a podcast? and how many times that same person has downloaded a particular show or multiple shows. Lets say I go to itunes and download a podcast i think is great. How would that register in GA as a visit to the site or a HIT. Then lets say I think the podcast is awesome and I download all 10 shows. How does that register with GA as 10 visits, 10 hits or just 1 becuase it is the same computer? Thank you Peter
  2. djcanellis

    Tracking downloads of an itunes podcast

    That is exactly what I thought. So, i can be getting alot of downloads with the user never visiting my website. And GA would never know that. Totally understand. And I can also redirect my podcast to go thru a feed counter service if I wanted to? Such as Feedburner? Peter
  3. I have a very popular podacst called heavens lounge on itunes I was wondering if there is a way to track how many downloads i receive a month My hosting servers says i have bqndwith traffic of 2.5 terabytes a month but Google analytic says i only receive about 1000. Visits to my site per month Are vsits to the site that analytics shows me the accurate number