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  1. I have a very popular podacst called heavens lounge on itunes I was wondering if there is a way to track how many downloads i receive a month My hosting servers says i have bqndwith traffic of 2.5 terabytes a month but Google analytic says i only receive about 1000. Visits to my site per month Are vsits to the site that analytics shows me the accurate number
  2. djcanellis

    Tracking downloads of an itunes podcast

    Is there a way to track how many people are downloading a podcast? and how many times that same person has downloaded a particular show or multiple shows. Lets say I go to itunes and download a podcast i think is great. How would that register in GA as a visit to the site or a HIT. Then lets say I think the podcast is awesome and I download all 10 shows. How does that register with GA as 10 visits, 10 hits or just 1 becuase it is the same computer? Thank you Peter
  3. djcanellis

    Tracking downloads of an itunes podcast

    That is exactly what I thought. So, i can be getting alot of downloads with the user never visiting my website. And GA would never know that. Totally understand. And I can also redirect my podcast to go thru a feed counter service if I wanted to? Such as Feedburner? Peter